Sunday, July 20, 2014


In order to document a new phase of our family's life...namely...having three children...and homeschooling one of them... I hereby resurrect this blog.

We're about two weeks from the start of school. I started lesson planning for reals this afternoon after church, spreading out books, planner, phone etc along with the sometimes napping babe, on our bed. I haven't used my bed as a desk like that since college. It was fun and exciting. It was time consuming. It was a little overwhelming, bringing all these different ideas, books, resources together into a coherent plan. I wanted to have the whole MONTH of August mapped out a LONG time ago...but it just didn't happen. Having a new baby has trumped most other stuff recently. But we are getting to the point of sometimes sleeping through the night now, and so more things seem possible. I know it's going to take some tweaking, this whole homeschooling thing. I know it will be a fluid, dynamic thing, a work in progress, for years to come, perhaps. But I've been looking forward to this for so long... it feels GOOD to finally start DIVING IN. Almost. Two more weeks...