Thursday, May 31, 2007

Here you go, Lori.

(This is Brad.)

My cousin Lori tagged me a few days ago, so here are 7 things about me.

1. I am right handed, but I write with my left hand. That's how I learned to write.

2. I got O.C. pepper sprayed today at work. We have to have it administered to us so we know how it feels. It burns. I couldn't see for 20 minutes. My skin is still quite red, and it feels right now like I have a bad sunburn.

3. Claire nixed what I was going to put for number three. Apparently it was scandalous. So you will never know what it was going to be.

4. I hit a deer coming home the other night.

5. Last Thursday I was sick, and in my delirium I swore. At least this is what Claire tells me. I have no memory of this.

6. I don't wear my wedding ring anymore. I don't want some of the criminal element I encounter to know that I am married.

7. Because of number 6, when I got my hair cut last week, the girl cutting my hair flirted outrageously with me. I didn't have the heart to tell her I was married, so I just told her I was busy that night.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My new Job: Forklift Paparazzi

Well, my dears, just had to report that I had a new experience yesterday. I went to Lowe's and hung out there for over TWO HOURS. And I followed forklifts around. And took pictures of them. All part of a day's work.

My student has a fascination with Lowe's and forklifts. You may remember that Fridays are "community outing" days - he gets to choose where we go. So yesterday we went off to Lowe's armed with his beloved digital camera and extra batteries. It took us quite a while and much meandering through the store to find a forklift that was actually being used; we talked to several different people, all with different stories about the status of the forklifts. I felt like my life had turned into a strange dream ( You know- one of those dreams where you know you HAVE to find something but you don't really know why...) But we finally did find a working forklift, and I took pictures until all the batteries died. ( Sadly- there weren't that many pictures. Maybe twenty or thirty at the most...? That camera is truly pathetic. But the pictures are very important as they will provide relevant writing prompts for him later on. ) Anyway- I felt a tad conspicuous tailing this forklift all over the store, but the workers were quite nice about it and seemed happy to be providing entertainment for us; plus my student was THRILLED.

I couldn't believe how many employees came up to us while we were there and greeted him in a familiar way. ( It reminded me of C. Cropper singing about "where everybody knows your name..." ) I guess he goes there A LOT.

I have a feeling that this will be but the first of many trips to Lowe's on Friday afternoons.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been tagged!

So...I have been tagged. Never had this happen before! Thanks, Amy!

So I have to say the rules: Each person tagged must list seven random facts about themselves, as well as the rules of the game on their blog. Then tag seven other people and write their names on your blog. You have to leave a comment on their blog so they know they've been tagged and have to read your blog ( to find the rewles and all).

Without further ado: My seven random facts.

1. When I was a young child, I thought that Coca Cola was an alcoholic beverage.

2. I took over an hour nap this morning. Which may explain why...

3. I'm running behind with my laundry. I've done three loads so far today and am nowhere near done.

4. I was washing and cutting up some strawberries for breakfast this morning and I am so glad I didn't decide to eat them whole...because I found some worms in the middle of one. Almost enough to put me off strawberries for life.

5. I just turned twenty nine a few days ago. Pretty strange.

6. A few weeks ago I fell victim to some neighborhood children selling foodstuffs for a fundraiser; today I got a tub of cookie dough and a box of pizzas. Greeaaaaaat.

7. I went to a yardsale last Friday where there were BOXES upon BOXES of brand new clothes- I mean tags still on and everything. And it wasn't like the lady owned a store that was going out of business; I know because someone asked her. I think there was a serious shopping addiction battle being fought there. Among other things, I bought a beautiful, brand new red sweater for - count it- ONE, uno, 1 dollar. With tags still on it. I am taggiiiiiiiiiing....Aaron, Bria, Cara, Ryan...Penelope, Sha-Booya, aaaand... Meredith!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Things

Guess WHAT? Today I did something I have never done before: I cooked a fresh artichoke! My mother took it into her head to give me an artichoke and so this evening I had the adventure of cooking and eating it. Great fun! Grandpa seemed to enjoy it too; he assured me he had eaten them before and knew how to go about it, with the teeth scraping thing and all.

This morning I had coffee with my student's mother; we meet every few weeks to talk about how things are going since I don't really see her much. We went to the local Starbucks and I got a beverage that was new to me: Orange mocha. It was GOOOOOOD. I highly recommend it. So two new comestibles in one day; I suppose I'm just wildly adventurous.

Let's see- what else have I not told you...Oh- my Mother's Day project with my student came off swimmingly - we made white chocolate chip/craisin cookies, thanks to a recent inspiration from my blogosphere friend Amy B. I brought in my KitchenAid mixer and hooked it up so that he could control it with his head-switch. So I put the ingredients in and he mixed up the cookie dough. At first I think he was a little reluctant to do the whole cooking thing, but I sort of railroaded it through and he ended up having a good time, I think. He seemed to really like running the mixer and would have mixed that cookie dough to kingdom come if I hadn't stopped it. I'm working to find the balance of letting him choose activities so he has some control, but also sticking with some things that I've planned even if he doesn't seem thrilled with them.

I want to put up a picture of him sometime but I forgot to ask permission from his parents so ixnay on that for now. Yeah - and his name too.

We also went in to Wolf Camera and visited Penny. I had forewarned her that we were coming so she was ready for us. We made a picture card that said Happy Mother's Day and had a picture of him on it; we used it as a kind of tag for his gift. Penny and I were talking back and forth in our silly voices and he thought it was pretty funny. We also bought some batteries - his digital camera eats them up like they're snacks. Hopefully we'll go back to visit her again; he seemed to really like her. Of course! I mean - who wouldn't!? Penny is awesome.

What else, what else...

I don't know. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mmmmm- Panera Breaaaad....

There is a lot to say... if only I had the energy to drum up my mental capacity to form coherent thoughts. Perhaps a new and somewhat informative post will make its way to the fore this weekend. Who knows...

For now...this mini-anecdote will have to suffice: I was sitting and reading and meditating and praying the other morning and I did a very spiritual thing: I fell asleep. I am learning that I really shouldn't close my eyes to pray when I'm all alone. It usually results in unconscious drooling and smushed wrinkles on my face. While in my pious slumber, I dreamed that I went into a McDonalds to get some victuals. I remember in the dream, I felt kind of bad that I was giving in to my carnal urge to eat fast food. Not bad enough to turn around and get out...but nevertheless, a slight twinge of disappointment that I could not resist the siren call of the fried foods ( and the irresistable temptation of the vanilla shake). And lo, inside the turned into Panera Bread! I was quite surprised and delighted! YES! An eatery I LOVE disguised inside a McDonalds! ( which also I am secretly fond of but feel guilty about ...especially after seeing the Morgan Spurlock documentary "Supersize Me" not once, not twice, but thanks to the health classes at the Shelter, at least three times...I believe I have lost count.) How thrilling is that?! But before I could receive the food I ordered, I woke up. Sigh.

Some people fall into trances while engaged in spiritual meditation. Some have holy visions. Some see angels or hear the voice of the Lord. I fall asleep and dream about Panera Bread. Sigh.
( Boy, I wish they'd open a franchise in my county. ) I think I need to go back to Bibleschool... and NO- not JUST because there's a Panera within twenty minutes of the campus...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hidden Treasure

The other day, Brad was looking for a birthday present I gave him two years ago: a calculator watch. For one reason or another, he had never worn it but somehow he recently decided that the time had come ( no pun intended) to don this dapper accoutrement of civilization. He was searching the house for it as diligently as the woman in the Bible who swept her whole house to find a lost coin - basically, he tore the place apart in movements reminiscent of the Tasmanian devil. In so doing, he opened a box in our closet, marked with his name, that had not been opened since we moved here a year and a half ago. Yes- I think that's the last box. Finally. A time capsule of sorts. Inside, he was delighted to find a bunch of clothes he'd forgotten he owned -but was promptly annoyed because they were all cold weather clothes which he can't use now that the season of hotness is upon us.

THEN, he produced a strange item: my old cobalt blue tea kettle. NO IDEA WHY it was in a box with his clothes. But I have a feeling it wasn't his idea to include such a random thing with his sweaters; instead, it was probably the result of my strange packing habits. I can envision the scene like this: Brad is minding his own business, packing his clothes in the bedroom and I flutter by, tea kettle in tow, and shove it into his hands saying, " Pack this with your clothes!" in urgent, distressed tones. Probably because I had packed everything else in the kitchen except for that and didn't know what else to do with it.

And then, he pulled forth from the time-capsule/box ... the crowning touch: a bag of dirty laundry. Ah. Lying dormant for eighteen months- how precious. With a small smile on his face, he said kindly, "You can do this laundry at your leisure..." or something like that. How considerate. Well, it's been sealed up for this long...I suppose it surely CAN wait until a convenient moment, after I have bought a haz-mat suit.

He finally succeeded in finding the calculator watch - in the attic.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I don't really have much to say but I am itching to write SOMETHING ... and I haven't updated since last month- gasp. So here is a brief update of my life:

The job is going well and keeping me quite busy. On Friday, I took my protege to Wal-Mart. Every week, I am supposed to take him on a "community outing" and we go to the destination of his choice. Apparently, he's a big fan of our nation's number one retailer. So we went to the local outpost and cruised the aisles looking at merchandise from Communist China, but he didn't end up buying anything. ( Smart boy.) I can't decide whether my favorite part was when I tried out the hula hoops or when I put silly hats on him and took pictures.

This week I'm going in to his school for a few hours to observe him in the classroom.

Right now I'm reading "The Indian in the Cupboard" with him. It's a book that was read to me when I was in fourth grade, by the beloved Mrs. Roland. I really loved it then, and I hope that my student will feel the same way about it by the end.

I'm hoping to do some Mother's Day activities with him this week. If the stars align and all that, we may come up with some sort of masterpiece for his mom.

Well, I can sense this is waning into drivel. Sigh. I'll try to do better next time.