Monday, June 05, 2006

Long Live the Queen...somewhere else

It is Monday, O my readers. And I told you last Friday that I would be reporting on royalty today- specifically The Queen of Talk. I'm sure you have ALL been waiting with baited breath, so I will hasten to tell you the tale. Here goes.

Well, I sat in my little room ( the office is divided up into several small rooms) all alone half the day because the other folks in my room were assigned to another project for most of the morning. That was nice- I got to sing, which I don't usually allow myself to do. ( It's amazing how much self control it takes not to sing all the time. Breaking out into spontaneous song is such a key part of me.) ANYWAY- I had my ears and eyes on alert for the Queen...and lo, midmorning, she popped her head in the door and said, "Helloooooo....!! Where is everybody?" and I told her where they were, and asked her how she was, and she said, "Fine..." and she swooped off to find her friends. Phew. But I knew I would not be safe for long. I knew that this assignment of the rest of my coworkers would not last forever, and that they would be back sometime soon, and that as soon as they came back...she would descend, to continue her reign of blather. I knew I could not take comfort in the fact that there were no chairs at the two computers next to me. That could easily be remedied.

So I continued on my plodding way, resigned to my doom, and around lunchtime, another co-worker came in and said, " They let the Queen of Talk go." ( Of course, he did not actually SAY, " The Q o' T"- I have never uttered that title aloud in the office to anyone.) I was UTTERLY flabbergasted. Apparently, she worked for two hours and then the temp agency called and now she's gone again. So, she didn't end up in my office/room. I have NEVER been so happy to be proven wrong. I revel in my false prophetess status. My wildest dreams came true! I have been delivered from Total Obnoxiousness! My joy knows no bounds.

I have no idea WHY this happened. Perhaps the theory of my friend, Mr. Redsoxwinthisyear, is correct- that she made up the fib of her mother's death so she could get this temp job back because she was fired from her other job...I don't know. I really wouldn't put it past her. In any case, blessings on her head and all that...and I know that God loves her EVERY BIT as much as He loves me...I'm just glad that I can now love her from afar.


Mrs. RF said...

I rejoice with you!

Amy said...

Good things happen to good people!! :D