Thursday, July 26, 2007

Prince Philip

Just wanted to make you aware that if you go to my profile page, you will see a link at the bottom to another blog called "Philip's writing." ...which for now, I will just link to from here...and perhaps at some point I will get around to putting up a link on the side...or rather, I will pester Brad to get around to putting up a link on the side...Whatever. ANYWAY- this is a blog that I created for my student and recently we have started posting to it. Feel free to check it out. In the last couple days, he has written some picture-inspired posts and it is a BIG DEAL to him, his parents, and me to see the results of his efforts up on the blog. It's very exciting to see him succeed; he is doing some great work. (If you choose to leave a comment, please mention that you are a friend of mine. Unless your name is Miss Penny, in which case, he already knows you.)


bria said...

Claire, I've written and deleted comments a couple of times now. I can't quite figure out how to say it, but I am really blessed by Philip's blog. Thank you for treating him like a real person. Thanks for not talking about him as if he were a baby. Thank you for implementing such a good idea to motivate him! You must make an amazing teacher. Philip's a lucky kid.

ljmax said...

Yes, great idea!