Friday, September 28, 2007

May all your dreams NOT come true

Last night I had a dream about the baby. The good news is - he was cute. The bad news is - he was cute in a rather oversized way: he was twenty pounds. Now- I'm not sure how long after birth the dream was supposed to have taken place, but I'm thinking that it must have been shortly afterwards because my mother was helping me with him and I had sort of a confused/overwhelmed feeling.

Also, my father tried to pick him up with one hand, by the scruff of the neck, as if he was a kitten. He did not succeed. No wonder- with a twenty pound kitten.

And when he spit up ( the baby, not my father), it was like leftover, congealed pea-soup- same color and texture. Greeeaaaaat.

I think this dream may have been influenced by the news story I heard the other day about the recent delivery of a 17 pound baby in Bosnia or Estonia or one of those '-ia' countries. The news story also mentioned the fact that the world's record for a baby's birth weight was 20 pounds. Huh. Thanks, but that's one record I don't think I'd care to make - or break. And as far as the pea soup/spit-up - I haven't a clue where THAT came from.

If this dream comes true, I have a feeling that a C-section will be in my future.


ljmax said...

That is crazy...bout the 17pounder...Drew is not much more than 20 himself. You and your dreams!

Shari said...

Did you see that 17 pound baby on TV? He was HUGE! I couldn't believe it.

LOL at your dream. A twenty pound kitten for a baby. :-)

My sister had an 11 pound, 13 oz baby. My nephew. He's 13 and already 6'3".

Shari said...

Oh, and she didn't have a C-section. I was in the delivery room, and it was absolutely amazing to see an almost 12-pound baby pop out of her.

Amy said...

My pregnant school friend is worried about her baby being a whole 8 pounds...I think I'll keep that whole "record of 20 pounds" to myself. :)

Some dreams are prophetic I'm sure, but probably not that one. Last night I dreamed that I ran into my sister holding hands with one of the sax players at my school at an amusement park. She hates the sax, not to mention the guy is probably almost 10 years younger than her. And she'd shaved her head. All sorts of impossible going on there.

Maybe just take comfort in the fact that he was healthy. :)

Amy said...

And maybe check out that ultrasound really closely next time...make sure he doesn't have little pointy ears and paws for hands. Just in case. :)

Amy said...

Never apologize for the post-sized may have noticed that those are the only comments I seem capable of leaving.

Hm. Should I be apologizing for those? :P

Hopefully you will have few future occasions to equate your adorable bundle of joy to Satan. :)