Sunday, October 12, 2008

Little bits of news from our corner of the woild

* Brad's been doing training in different departments of the Sheriff's office. For instance, for a day or two, he got to work with people who serve warrants... and one of the things they do is evict people. Sounds interesting, eh? Not fun, I imagine, but at least interesting. One time, they were standing out on the lawn with a pile of stuff that had just been brought out of the evicted house, and this lady stopped and asked, "Ya'll having a yardsale?" ( And I thought I was queen of the yardsales. ) I thought this anecdote was classic and highly amusing.

*Aiden is aaaaaalmost crawling. He is soooo close. I think he may have actually sort of crawled, but I don't know if "sort of" counts. Every day I think, this is it, and we have several minutes on video of him lying on his belly, contemplating the phone or whatever we've placed in front of him to tempt him forwards, and me gasping in the background. I want him to crawl so bad but I know as soon as he does, it's the end of the world as I know it.

* It's October and the Red Sox are at it again. I stayed up way too late last night watching them... Sigh. Hope springs infernal.

*Went to Stone Mountain a couple weekends ago with Nate and Penny. Good times! The last time I'd been there was in 1999 with the Bibleschool. Cahrazy. Can't believe that's almost ten years ago. This time, I got to ride up instead of climb up - my first time in a cable car. We got some pictures which shall... hopefully...eventually make their way onto the world-wide-interweb. My favorite part: the carillon. We serendipitously arrived as the lady was playing ( I mean - is it correct to say she was playing the carillon? Or is that the structure itself?) It was so beautiful and peaceful to walk down by the lake amid the sights of fall and the sound of the bells. I love bells. I used to try to be outside on campus at St. A's at the top of an hour if I could manage it, just so I could hear the bells ringing.


Liane said...

Go Aiden, Go!
Um, I am looking at one of your etsy faves right now and remembering one of the guys from the Amazing Race quoting that yoda saying...Oh. My. Word. Did you see that?

I thought of you today as Adam sat in his shopping cart and gnawed on the handle. Yum!

KJ said...

I love your "woild"
And yes... Hope springs infernal...