Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Autumn Blahs.

You know how some days you go to the fridge and just stare inside, hoping that something interesting will appear so you can eat it...? It's kind of become like that with this blog. My mother said something the other day about checking to see if I'd written anything... and then I found myself coming here, for no apparent reason, and wondering why I haven't written anything... and getting SICK of looking at Aiden squawking at the Red Sox in helpless fury.

I guess I've been in a bit of a slump since late October. Or busy. Or uninspired. Or something. But whatever. The blog must go on. I guess. I don't know why, but it must.

I went to Sam's Club yesterday with Aiden. They were having this special Holiday event where they had all these booths with samples of food... I mean, this is Sam's Club where that kind of thing happens every day, but this was more than usual. And it was no coincidence that I was there on this special day. I needed to buy eggs. And salad dressing. And toilet paper. Which I could have gotten very well at some other store, but I knew that this event was happening. Free samples of delectable food? Wild horses couldn't keep me away! ( When have wild horses ever tried to drag you away from something? I mean, really! Why do we say this?) I was not disappointed. The thing was, Aiden was not content to be left out. He was reaching for everything I got and insisting vociferously that I share. So I did, a little bit, with a couple things. And you give that kid an inch, he will take a whole shhhhmorgasboard. Probably because the thing that I let him taste, an apple crisp type of thing, had barely touched a little bit of vanilla icecream... (Aiden's first taste of icecream! At Sam's! How prosaic.) He strongly approved. Don't worry - it wasn't much. A toothpickful, perhaps.

It is the opinion of some that Aiden is not fat enough, and I tend to agree, somewhat. I mean, I'm not terribly worried about his relative leanness, ( his fat is just well distributed, shall we say) but I wouldn't be sad to see more chubbiness on his bones. Maybe I ought to take him to Sam's for free samples every day.

So... it's not War and Peace, but I'm back on the blogging wagon again.


Liane said...

Ha,ha...a toothpickful! There's your problem right there. Today Ethan said in apparent surprise and indignation, "Adam is FAT!" I said, "He's a baby." but that wasn't good enough...Ethan said that babies weren't supposed to be fat. So there. Aiden is a true baby!

gretchen said...

H'ray! You're back!

I know why the blog must go on...Because we like to read it! It's your civic duty, your service to humanity if you will...

Or something like that : )

Autumn blahs, begone!

kw said...

I think vociferously must be one of your favorite words!

Su said...

I know what you mean when you say, "the blog must go on"! I go through the dry periods, too. And when I finally come back to blog, it's something controversial...or silly...but it's okay that it's not War and Peace! (War and Peace wasn't all that anyway!)
Blogging IS a great way to get it all on "paper", isn't it?
And many of us enjoy your blog so much! (no pressure, Ha!)