Monday, December 14, 2009

Dial B for Booking

This morning I set Aiden in his crib for a few minutes to contain his early morning wildness while I was in the bathroom. I leaned over to ascertain the contents - if any- of his diaper...and groaned. My olfactory senses delivered bad news. But it had to wait for a few minutes.

I was gone for maybe three or four minutes and when I returned, there stood Aiden in his crib, playing with MY CELLPHONE! I stood there aghast. How had he gotten my phone? Then I realized I had it in my shirt pocket and when I leaned over to sniff his pants, he must have PICKPOCKETED ME! There is NO OTHER explanation. ( Brad maintains that the phone simply fell out of my pocket. That is too prosaic and I do not accept it.)

About an hour or so later, I got a call from Nicole, asking if I'd called her earlier. I said no....but then realized that Aiden must have called her. That kid! Using up unlimited minutes. Whatever. Wait- we DO have unlimited minutes, right?

Then I got home from my grocery shopping to Brad's story: He was talking to someone at the jail this morning who said they had just had a couple minute conversation...with AIDEN! Oh my WORD! He called the Booking Department at the JAIL! He is Trouble - and notice I capitalized it! And here I thought I had corralled his mischievous ways by putting him in the crib... First he pickpockets me, then he makes calls on my phone....!

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Zohrab said...

Funny story Claire.