Sunday, June 20, 2010

Something New in the Way of Breakfast Food

I know that Solomon said that there was "no new thing under the sun." Not to refute willy-nilly the wisest man who ever lived, but I beg to differ - and I have proof. I think that there is something new under the sun sitting on my kitchen table - a breakfast concoction that I am sure has never before existed.

I made Aiden's oatmeal and added a few typical toppings - yogurt, raisins, some sliced banana, some fresh peach slices... and then proceeded to prepare some green beans for the Father's Day family lunch we are going to attend later. Aiden spied the beans, and asked for one. So I picked a steaming green bean out of the mix, and laid it on the edge of his cereal bowl. He asked for it! He's a notoriously slow eater, so moments later, to speed his snail-like consumption, I added the piece de resistance to his oatmeal - a scattering of mini-marshmallows. Those disappeared pretty fast...but the bulk of the oatmeal remains.

I refuse to believe that there has ever before been a dish that contained oatmeal, green beans, and mini-marshmallows.

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KJ said...

Hahaha... this makes me think of Rhett and Link's old part of their show where Rhett would come up with something that had never before been said. Things like: "I tell you Harvey, I saw the buffalo's hoof twitch in the soup." Yup... probably never been said, until right now ;)