Sunday, August 03, 2014

The night before the First Day

The other day we were reading in the book of Exodus, about Pharaoh and how he wouldn't release the people of Israel. Aiden said, "It's just like North Korea." My brain raced. I guessed and wondered if I was understanding why he said that. So I said with curiosity, "How is it like North Korea?" And he said, "The government won't let the people go." Oh my heart - you could have knocked me over with a feather. I can't even remember the last time we'd talked about North Korea. I know at some point in the murky past I had explained about some of the issues in that country and what the government was like. But that he would pull that out of his brain and make the analogy between that and Pharaoh...?! I was blown away. I LOVE seeing him make connections.

It was like a thesis statement or a topic for a Humanities essay. Ancient Egypt vs North Korea. Compare and contrast Pharaoh and Kim Jong Un.

Someone asked me recently why I'm going to homeschool. I have enjoyed my son through all of his first six years. It was pure magic seeing him for the first time. I was over the moon when he started to walk and talk. Watching him grow has been a joy. But we're just getting to the good part now. Now he's asking questions - good questions. He asked the other day why there was fighting going on in Israel. Talk about opening a geo-political can of worms... But the fun thing was I could answer him - to some degree. Six year old type answers, but answers. We're starting to scratch the surface of exploring the world, life, God, all this big stuff ... It thrills me like nothing else. THIS is why I'm going to homeschool. I get to be there when he makes these connections. I get to witness his life.

Yes, it will be hard. I have no illusions about that. We've spent the summer together, me trying to motivate him in several areas and that has been a challenge. I have stared at the stark ugliness of my own limitations as a parent. This kid certainly takes after me in the "I'm going to give up! This is too harrrrd!" department. I know I'm going to pull my hair out with him. I know. Baldness, here I come.

Maybe we won't always homeschool. Maybe someday he'll go to regular school. I am going into this with the mindset that every year is different. Who knows how circumstances and providences may change our situation in the future. Life is never the straight line you thought it would be. But right now, I have this chance. I get to be here, at the beginning with him- at the foundation. And I'm almost overwhelmed with the privilege, and the potential. I pray I don't blow it.

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Gretchen said...

Woo-Hoooo! SO excited about the beginning of your homeschooling journey!!! (Not to mention that you're chronicling it here! Yay!).

And rejoicing with you that you have the privilege of doing this!

Just starting year 9 here, and LOVING it, even more than before! Hurray!