Friday, October 28, 2005

Home is Where the Stuff Is

Greetings, my neglected readers. I apologize for the lack of news here...but we've had a time and a half of trying to get online. We still don't have our phone hooked up ( GRRR, Bell South! They said it would be hooked up yesterday but when Brad called our new number from his cell phone yesterday, some man answered and said he'd had this number for eight years! The nerve! Of the man! And Ma Bell!) and I am only able to write to you via a pirated connection. Ooo! Don't tell! We've found a couple hot spots in corners of our if you stand on your head and contort yourself, you can get online! Not really. But almost.

I feel cut off from any sense of normalcy. Our stuff has not arrived and probably won't arrive until NEXT FRIDAY- A WEEK FROM TODAY! Well, I guess that's why we got such a good price. Huh. You'll never see your stuff again, but you won't have to pay very much! Whaaa? So we are bouncing around in this house feeling sort of weirded out by all the empty space...or rather, I am bouncing around in this house...feeling sort of lonely...for Brad has just left for his first day of work. Well, I'm not too lonely because Nate and Penny are here for the next couple days, until they can move into their house. But before they arrived on Wednesday night, and when Brad was out, and I was here, I was a little spooked by being all alone here with not much to do. We've done some shopping and driving around, trying to get to know the area. It's been fun, but I am ready to get established with some sort of routine...and it doesn't look like that is going to be happening anytime soon...WELL...I'm off to seek my fortune out in the great, wide world. Or, to be more specific, I'm going to try to find the local library. Huzzah for Mapquest!


Me said...

Claire! You sound like you moved HERE with all those stories. If so, beware of the local post office...

St. Busta Chop IV said...

Mapquest? BEWARE!!! You tread a darksome path entrusting anything to them!

The Guild of the Dentists[our arch-enemies] is behind it, and they have it in for humanity.

Plus, it got me very lost once.



to mapquest

DJ said...

Yo Claire! Nice to see another post. glad to know you all didn't mysteriously "disappear" on the way down :)

As for all your stuff not being there, just pretend you are a hurricane survivor, lol[ok, if anyone doesn't think that is funny, keep it to yourself :)].

And yay for libraries! a Peeps best friend!

ps-my wident thing was "jmbfdrhs"