Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Toxic Dollies

Recently, I dreamed that Grandpa was making Charli-dolls with pieces of chicken inside the plastic heads. ( What was wrong with Jelly Bellies?) I was OBSESSED with worry because I knew that they were not being refrigerated and so would become overrun with salmonella, and make people sick. I guess I should have made warning labels and attached them to the dolls saying, "Don't eat the meat!" ( For the original "Don't Eat the Meat!" story, see the post of March 15th, 2005...)


asaphat said...

Kind of like stuffing chocolate peanut butter cookies with chicken instead of peanut butter (Andrea...)

Isaac: "Why are there FIBERS in my cookie???"

Thanks for the reminder of the "Don't eat the meat!" story. Classic!

Amy said...

This sounds like a dream I might have. I wouldn't have had the Charlie-dolls in mine, but my whole thing with salmonella/other bacterial baddies would definitely make my dreaming about them possible. I feel very strongly about refrigeration and not eating something that might be a breeding ground for said baddies.

In regards to your comment in which you said you use noises when you can't find the right words, me too. (Do you think we might actually be sisters?) I don't know how many times I've freaked out past high school students with "nnyee-eh," "mmnnih," and "eeih." After years of formal music education, the best I can come up with is, "nnyee-eh." And I expect them to pay me!

Anonymous said...

claire, you continue to make me laugh. Loveyou,
Katie (S)
I had forgotten all about Charlie-dolls...memories from long ago.