Sunday, April 23, 2006

We're going to see the Kidd

We left bright and not really that early this morning at 8:30. I braided my hair into about twenty little braids, read, and watched video blogs from Drivetime on the ipod. We drove through Alabama, and Mississippi, and into Louisiana...All first timers for me. We stopped five times- the perfect amount because my back gets really stiff these days- and it was nice to have a leisurely pace. We got here- Baton Rouge- around 5:30, and settled into the hotel, before heading out to get some dinnah.

We have stepped back in time. Literally. Or rather, driven back in time. I didn't realize it until I looked at the hotel clock and said to myself, " Why is it 5:17 instead of 6:17? Boy, I thought I was bad for not turning my clock ahead at Daylight Savings Time, three weeks ago...These people are really behind the times!" And then the lightbulb went on, "Different time zone!"

We dined at Olive Garden- "a sumptuous affair..." to quote good old Chariots of Fire. I had some lovely mushroom ravioli. YUUUM. After dinner, when the waitress delivered the bill, she left us with some little chocolate mints- like Andes mints. After promptly popping mine into my mouth, I said aloud," I could eat about ten more of those!" So Grandpa flagged down a waitress and when she asked what we wanted, there was a slight pause and then Brad asked for more mints. I almost jumped under the table but I thought it was pretty funny. Well, we got more mints!

After we left the O.G., we drove down to the Mississippi River- another first for me- and checked out where the kid was. I mean- the Kidd. The U.S.S. Kidd. We did a little off-roading to get right up close, at which point I feared for the safety of the car. I don't think Buick Centuries were made for off-roading. It was quite exciting.

The point of all this ( in case you didn't see the last video post where Brad explains what we are doing down here) is a multi-generational trip to visit the U.S.S. Kidd, the destroyer on which Grandpa Pass served during WWII. It's the first time he's seen it in over sixty years. So it's a pretty momentous occasion for him, I should think. He really wanted to get out of the car tonight as we drove by but we kept telling him that it was closed for the day. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, Grandpa.

I feel pretty lucky to be here. Also, a little bewildered. Happy, but bewildered. I mean here I am with my husband, father-in-law, and grandpa-in-law. Which one of these things does not belong? But Brad asked me to go, and I'm glad he did. I'm having a blast. And we have two more days to go on this escapade.


John L said...

Hope you enjoy your visit today. I didn't know your Grandfather served aboard Kidd in WWII. Wow! That ship had quite a war record. Did he serve aboard Kidd during the Okinawa invasion?

KW said...

Hi Claire,
Read your email & have fun:)

Brad said...

John: He served as a sonarman on the Kidd from the ships launch in April in 1943 to December of 1944, according to his journal and the records I confirmed today. He missed the Okinawa invasion by about four months. That was fortunate, as 38 men were killed in a kamikaze attack on April 11. We'll be posting more about our visit soon.

Amy said...

There have been many times I've been with Russell's family and have felt like the one that doesn't belong too. It helps to remind myself that I'm there because Russell chose me and because his family embraces me. That always makes me feel more like One of Them...for better or worse. :P

A little earlier today, I showed Russell the pictures of your new kitchen border and Easter at your house as an example of a great paint job/color scheme. We went and picked out all new paint colors (again) this afternoon, and opted for exciting instead of neutral this time. We always like brighter, bolder colors in magazines (and in your blog), but he's always worried about how they'll work in our house. He liked your red and blue walls too...*and* your border. :)