Monday, May 08, 2006


I was listening to the local Christian radio station last week and the host announced that they were going to hold a little contest. The fifth caller to the radio station would win a book by Ravi Zacharias. Being a fan of this particular apologist, I called the radio station and encountered an answering machine where I was asked to leave my name, number and address. Okay. So I did. And I forgot about it.

I got a phonecall a couple days ago. It was a strangely familiar, smooth-n-smarmy voice saying I had won Ravi Zacharias's book.


It came in the mail today. It's actually an autobiography, " Walking East to West." I adore autobiographies. I am eagerly looking forward to delving into its pages.

A curious bit o' trivia: the book is signed. It says, "With appreciation, Ravi." Wow. Ravi Zacharias appreciates ME!

Yes, I will deign to accept your congratulations.

I like winning things.


DJ said...

*bows deeply*

"May I have the honor of the first comment here?"

Hehehehee. I loved signed books. Have fun reading it :-)

Linds said...

What fun!! I love autobiographies too! Enjoy it :)

Aaron S. said...

I like winning things too. :) Hope the book was worth the trouble!!!! ;)

Mrs. RF said...

Three cheers for you. Winning stuff is fun! Enjoy the book.

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

YAY for the winner!!! Do you share such things with ol' cowpokes? 8~)

Claire said...

Sure! If you'd like to borrow it after I'm done, you're more than welcome.

lis said...

Congrats! I love new books by cool people!

Kristi said...

Wow! I'm a fan of Ravi Zacharias, too, but I haven't finished the one book I have by him. I'm terrible at finishing books.


(I like the "smooth and smarmy" description -- I can think of some other radio personalities like that!)

outerdock said...

ooh! i've heard of it but never read it. hope it's good!!

if you never got the invite to the ccs 10-year reunion (my email addresses are pretty old), here's the link ...

hope you can make it! :)

Shay Dawg said...

That's so cool! I never can win those things. You gotta let us know how it is when your done.