Friday, July 21, 2006

Swimming Is Jolly

Last night after a herculean struggle with the weedy patch of nature under my mailbox ( I was helped in the weeding process by two volunteer neighbor kids, bless their little hearts), I was very warm. Brad was still at work, so I called upon my dear sister-in-law, and we scampered down to the community pool.

It was just after darkness had descended; there were only two other people there, but they soon left and we had the entire place to ourselves. What joy! It's the first time I've been swimming since last summer at Sal's camp. It's a very large pool but only something like five and a half feet deep at its deepest spot. We both were wearing our glasses when we arrived and so we took them off when we got in the water. We are both blind as bats without optical aids, and there weren't a lot of lights around the pool so we could have played a legitimate game of Marco Polo with our eyes open...It was a bit disconcerting because sometimes we couldn't tell whether the blurry white object over yonder was a person, or... it's just a fence post...or a life preserver on a fence post. We had a great time floating, swimming, and doing handstands.

Swimming on a summer's night is one of life's must-have experiences, I think.


Amy said...

I miss swimming. The pool around here is packed from open to much so that you can't actually swim, just wiggle around between strangers. Which really doesn't sound like a good time to me. :P

And I'm exactly like you without glasses/contacts...blind as a bat, but without any sort of cool backup system like sonar. :)

KJ said...

Woohoo for pools! I on the other hand, road my bike for a mile with Ruth and enjoyed the naturally chilled, spring fed lake near by! It was delightfully refreshing!

PS- my word verification was: iyiyaa
I like it!

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Sounds cool... 8~)

Linds said...

I AGREE!! We've had a wicked bad heat wave up here, and I made two pilgrimages to Earl & Ali's pool in as many days.
(and PS - I got your email, but I don't have Sarah's email address... sorry! and PPS - can't wait to see you!! :)

ljmax said...

Night-swimming! Reminds of the ol Chebbaco lake days...Mr. B taking us all down there at night, sitting in his truck whilst us chilluns swam in the dark.

Cheech said...

Aaahhh,night swimming after a hot day sounds refreshing.

Shari said...

I loved playing Marco Polo as a kid . . . you took me back, Claire. It has been insanely hot and humid here, 110 with thunderstorms. We're used to the heat, but not the humidity. Brent keeps telling me that this is what it was like growing up in the Midwest. I'm sticky and sweaty all the time. I would love to swim but we don't have a pool and I don't know of a community pool.

My younger brother Jonathan was just in your neck of the woods (Atlanta). He said it amazingly warm.