Monday, December 18, 2006

My Nefarious Husband

We have a new phone/answering machine system now, so you can call, if you need to. But don't call if you don't need to- I'd rather hear from you by email or blog comment. When the phone rings, I just automatically think that something bad has happened and someone is calling to tell me.

Brad succumbed to getting an early Christmas present for himself. Yay- saved me the trouble of a lot of frantic thinking and shopping. ( Actually, I did get him another present...but don't tell him.) He got one of those little Nintendo game things - not the kind you plug into the TV, but the kind you can stick in your pocket that kind of looks like some sort of blackberry. He's been fairly obsessed with playing games on it, like Mario Brothers and bowling etc.

One evening, he introduced me to a game that I'd never seen before. You had to move a balloon up the side of a blowing at the little screen. " See? Like this!" ( Blast of breathing onto the gaming device. To be precise, into the microphone. AH!) So, your boss rides miniature horses, Nate is renting his car out, your petite female co-worker was a wrestler in highschool ( another tale he told me recently, which actually turned out to be true...but can you blame me for being skeptical?), and now you want me to believe that your breath controls the altitude of a little digital balloon? Nice one. I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday, my friend. Well, it turns out that it actually WAS true... The wonders of technology floor me, I tell you.

But the principle of the boy who cried wolf is at work here. I am seeing lies behind every blade of grass these days. Even now, as I am typing this, I am starting to question whether it is actually still not true. I can't remember if I tried it myself. I just asked Brad to go get the game so I could test it out. He is not acquiescing to my demands. He laughs at me. I can't trust my own husband! Sad to say, I am such a technological baby that if I hoisted myself up off my chair and found the thing, I wouldn't know how to find the stupid game on it. Further bulletins as the truth comes to light.

Ahh...the holidays. Peace, love, and...deception.


Anonymous said...

How do spell Decepshioooooooon?????
That Brad...he better not pull any of his stunts on me. I will not stand for it...or fall for it, I hope.

Claire said...

Okay, folks. Brad finally caved and let me test the game. I even read the pre-game instructions, and yes, you are supposed to blow into the mic. I practically hyperventilated.

Kristi said...

I can just hear Brad's evil chuckle. Some things never change, even in 20 years...

Photoguy said...

It's called a Nintendo DS.