Tuesday, March 03, 2009


So, Stan has yet to make his departure. His new mom couldn't make it last night. I hate long goodbyes. Sigh. Cat-givers can't be complainers. ( A new spin on "beggars can't be choosers.")

The other day, Brad opened up the old trunk that we use as a coffee table in our upstairs family room. I guess it had not been opened in a very long time because inside it he found...two large jars of change. We hit the jackpot in our own home! We have yet to count it but we hope that it will mostly finance the purchase of a new laptop because mine ( the first one we ever bought) is rather sickly. You can't see anything on the whole left side of the screen. Which is unfortunate because that's where most of the icons are, and the Start menu. We're thinking about getting a Netbook rather than a full fledged laptop b/c that may suit our needs a little better. We shall see. Any Netbook users out there who want to weigh in and give us your opinions?

ANYWAY... I thought about making a little Biblical joke and rebuking him for not putting that money in the bank so it could have at least earned interest instead of just hiding it away in a trunk... like the parable of the stupid steward.( Or whatever it's called.) After all, I am a hard person, reaping where I do not sow...etc...

So anyway- rejoice with us! That which we didn't even know we had has been found!


Susan Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the money found! Always a good feeling!

Happy March!

Aaron said...

Not knowing your needs, and not owning a Netbook, I can't really advise; but I can say that I know exactly what a happy feeling it can be to find money you didn't know you had, and that your post made me laugh and smile. :)