Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not much to relate...

...just that since last time I posted, we drove a couple thousand miles with a small child, and lived to tell the tale.

Yes, we drove northwards aproximately two weeks ago to attend the Feast of Passover celebration in NH and to visit many a friend and family member. I am happy to report that Aiden did extraordinarily well in the car and really seemed to enjoy meeting and interacting with new people. It did my heart a great deal of good to introduce him to the world of Fairwood. And it did my soul and spirit no end of good just to be there again. It had been a staggering two and a half years since I'd set foot on the premises, and I could feel it in my bones. Fairwood is not the prettiest in March, especially sporting the post-ice storm carnage, but I was thrilled to be there.

Among other notable events, we visited Mrs. B - the elderly lady I used to live with the last two years I was at St. A's. We also visited Grandma Sweet - Great Grandma to Aiden- and that was a lot of fun because of course, they had never met each other before. We also had lunch in Keene at one of our favorite old haunts - Kristen's bakery- with Brad's former boss at Ritz. We also visited with many other friends and enjoyed marvelous weather while we were there. The spiritual aspect of things was also quite refreshing, but I guess I will save that for another day. I really did not want to come home but sleeping in the same room with Aiden was getting old. ( He starts groaning/whining in his sleep around 6:30 every morning.) Driving home was like driving through Narnia as the winter turned to spring in a few hours. We left piles of dirty snow behind us and came home to leaves on ( some of) the trees! We listened to "All Creatures Great and Small" on audiobook in the car and that helped the hours to pass a little more quickly. Oddly enough, the only time we hit any serious traffic we were only a few miles from home. What should have taken us fifteen minutes took us an hour. It was absolutely maddening.

We got home to find that Grampa had apparently overfed the cat ( I had left plenty of food for Stan) and when he saw he was running low on cat food, he picked up a box of what he must have thought was cat food and mixed it in with the dwindling supply of um...real cat food. Yes, he mixed the kitty-litter in with the cat food. I was horrified to say the least. At least it was clean - but Stan wasn't eating it. I wanted to get in the car and drive right back to New Hampshire. But thankfully, our cat woes are behind us for good, I think. I took Stan to his new home on Wednesday morning. Homes in the country are no longer euphemisms for putting an animal down. He should have an interesting life from now on with five dogs, one other cat, and two birds in the house. Um yes. It will take him some time to acclimate from our boring abode, I'm sure. Anyway- I'm veering off into another subject completely...Another topic for another day.


Susan Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear you survived! Sorry to hear we missed your visit! Would have loved to have met your Aiden!

Good to hear "Stan" is all settled in his new life. Things should be much easier for you now!

Liane said...

Glad the trip went well! The cat food/cat litter mix-up: classic. At least it wasn't dog food served for dinner...ahem.
I'm glad you found a good home for Stan though. That must be a relief.

gretchen said...

Hurray! So glad you posted again, and glad the drive went so well. Amazing and miraculous with a 1-year old.

Unbelievably good to see you again. May the next visit be much sooner!

Shari said...

I loved the Narnia bit. :)

Poor Stan! I'm sure he was so confused about the litter/cat food. Have you heard news of how he's doing?

I hope you and Aiden and Brad have a joyous Easter, Claire! :)