Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hello. I'm the bug under the microscope.

When one is napping on a Sunday afternoon, and an icecream truck drives by with its whiny, jingling music, it does strange things to one's dreams.

Well, not much real news yet on the job front. I had an interview this morning and it just confirmed the fact that I HATE interviews. You sit there under a microscope- figuratively, of course- and try to appear relaxed and comfortable, and talk about yourself- your strengths and weaknesses. ACK. I HATE that part. And I was so insistent on NOT stressing out about this interview and not trying to overthink it and worry ahead of time, that I didn't really think about that inevitable question beforehand and so I sort of "winged it" ( wung it?)- and I didn't think of some things that I should have mentioned about my strengths. And even worse than strengths: who wants to talk about their weaknesses? Oh- it's soooo ICKY. I just feel like yelling, " I'm a good person! Trust me! Just hire me!" and running out. Yeah- THAT would make me seem credible. Oh well. The whole thing is in God's hands anyway, so I'm doing the whole post-interview, " There's nothing more I can do right now so DON'T Worry! Que sera sera. Thy will be done..." thing.

After the interview, I did some errands, including taking my car into a place for a muffler estimate. They put my car up on a lift and then the guy called me out of the office to explain the options to me. He was standing very nonchalantly under the car, pointing to stuff, and so I hesitantly joined him and it just kind of weirded me out, standing under my car. I've never done that before. I didn't like it. I knew that if it wasn't safe, he wouldn't be standing there...but I just kept thinking- what if the car falls on us? I mean- there could have been an earthquake and then where would we be? I got out from under it as fast as I could.


ljmax said...

I love the Just-Hire-Me-and-Run interview technique...saves everybody time and effort.

melbrown said...

"When you go in for a job interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges."

Deep Thoughts

Katie M said...

I can totally relate to the "hire me, you'll like me, just give me a chance" idea. I'm sure you did fine. With the job I'm at now, I've been on the other side: giving the interviews. That side isn't very comfortable either, believe it or not....a bit too much power. It's kind of scary...like you're playing with people's lives.

Sojourning said...

I meant to ask you about the whole job thing today anyway--and you answered!

I, too, despise interviews. But even more, I despise RESUMES. How am I supposed to explain how wonderful I am and all the experience I have and all the reasons they should hire me on ONE ITTY BITTY PAGE!? I guess that's why there's an interview. Cotton-pickin circle of madness.

Keith said...

If I'm ever asked to identify my weaknesses in an interview, I would like to say "that's for me to know and you to find out".