Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Surprise Vacation

Here's the latest from my life:

On Tuesday morning, my supervisors sent me home as they had reached a point where they didn't have anything for me to do. Only this time, they said, " We'll call you when we have something for you. And it probably won't be until next week." Huh!




So far, I've done errands, some cleaning, weeding, visiting, and sleeping in. I am LOVING this free time thing. But give me a couple weeks and I'll start craving some structure again, I'm sure. Hopefully at that point I'll be back at work again. We shall see. I'm a little wary of these "We'll call you" type situations, but I'm pretty sure that in this case, they actually mean it. For one thing, I have worked there for three months and my supervisor said she wanted me back because I know how things work with this project. It makes no sense to bring someone in who doesn' t know the history of the project. I am thankful now for the good track record I've established with them. But, again, we shall see.

I had already asked for Friday and Monday off since I am fleeing up northwards this weekend for the wedding of my dear, old friend Sarah L. ( She's not elderly-old, she's just been my friend since the day she was born...which happens to be the day after I was born.) I'm so looking forward to going back to New England and visiting with people. It will be my first time back since last October.

You will all have to pray for Bradley because the poor fellow is already at sixes and sevens at the thought of being left at home alone. Wah. I hate leaving him behind, but it seemed the only thing to do, under the circs. Besides, we are hoping and planning on traveling up to N.H. together at the end of next month anyway...But in the meantime, send him good thoughts, nice emails, cards, money, whatever, to cheer him up while I'm gone. Okay?


kk said...

Bradley!! Chin up, old chap. Think of all the annoying things you can do while Claire is away. Hum loudly, leave dishes lying around, or whatever else suits your fancy....:))

DJ said...

Poor Bradley!

Claire, you a very hardhearted woman, to leave your man all by his lonesome :-)

St. Busta Chop IV said...

I say it will do him good, toughen him up, let him learn that life isn't all roses and walks on the beach and looking at the sunset.

I trust he is shriven properly just in case?

ljmax said...

good thoughts, good thoughts to you Brad.

Mrs. RF said...

If poor Bradley gets too lonely he can come visit Max.

bria said...

Better get used to it, Brad, because we want to keep her!

Amy said...

He's going to have to be Soldier Brad. Hopefully the time will pass quickly! :)