Saturday, June 02, 2007


I was listening to a news quiz show on the radio recently, where the host asks a panel of folks questions about the week's news but in a variety of entertaining and amusing formats. One of the games they play is called the "Bluff the Listener Challenge" and they have someone call in to the show and the panel reads him/her three stories from the week's news...But here's the catch: only one of them is true. And the listener has to figure out which one is the real story.

Usually they are very obscure, bizarre, funny stories and sometimes it's very difficult to decide which one is true because they are ALL so outrageous.

This week's true story hit my funny bone. I was hoping that it would be the true story, and lo, it was. Here it is, in paraphrased form.

In Bremen, Germany, a woman called police saying that she had just witnessed a child abduction. She saw someone putting a child into the trunk of a car and quickly driving away. Her prompt action launched a massive police hunt, and the car was located. But the driver explained the situation this way: He was hearing strange noises in the back of his car, so he went to his local mechanic to help him figure out the problem. The mechanic, a dwarf, volunteered to get in the trunk and listen for the noise, while the man drove around town. Sure enough- the person in the trunk was not a child, but an auto mechanic who happened to be a dwarf.

For some reason, that story just reduces me to a heap of laughter, just thinking about it.


Aaron said...

I was listening to that very show at the SAME TIME!!! (At least, I think so. Was it the same show where they had the fake headline about the Japanese tourists who were mistaken for Toyota workers? I had to turn the radio off after that.) How very coincidental!

TripleNine said...

That is a great show. Both entertaining and a good way to catch up on the events of the week.

What a great story.

Claire said...

Aaron- yes indeed- I thought at first that the Japanese tourist story would be the real one but I was hoping all the time that it would be the German dwarf one...and then they had the guys from Car-Talk commenting about it!

redsoxwinthisyear said...

Ha ha ha! Laugh out loud funny! I'll have to pass that along to my students.

kate said...

Oh my word!!! That was so funny. Would an ubelievable excuse- but really true. I mean, can you imagine the police pulling the supposed abductor over and him spouting that yarn? The ultimate dog-ate-my-homework. :-)

Amy said...

Ach! Voot ess vonderbar!! Sometimes. Rarely, actually, as far as I'm concerned. It's have 1 product for sale each day (but lots of that 1 product, not just 1 of 1 thing). Like today it was some sort of splitter thing. Yesterday it was a Dyson. They've had tvs, and roombas, etc. I'd never bought anything from them before...quite exciting!