Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where are the police when you want them?

Coming home today, I went the route where I took the illegal left-hand turn a couple weeks ago and got pulled over by a sharp-eyed cop. Except today I knew I was going to turn right and be law-abiding. Lo and behold, I found myself behind someone who... you guessed it...was taking a left hand turn at that very infamous intersection. But of COURSE, there were were no cops in sight! Maybe I should have made a citizens' arrest. But that would have been a little bit like that parable of the forgiven slave...and I'd rather not be cast into prison until I pay my whole debt to society, because I have no idea what that debt may cost. And Brad is working in his own li'l prison tonight so I'd have to wait awhile to be bailed out and that would be inconvenient. Bleh.


Amy said...

Why are the cops NEVER there when someone else is breaking the law?? There's a notoriously patrolled street that's 30 mph. It's a divided 4 lane that hardly even curves. Definitely not 30 mph material. So of course no one else goes 30. I'm paranoid about getting and having to explain to a certain someone about my unnecessary ticket, so I'm all about 29-31. I'm the slow, infuriating rock in the stream. Every so often someone will speed past me at at what has to be 50...where are the cops then?? Don't they know they're missing a great revenue opportunity?? :)

Good idea, not going to jail on a night when Brad is busy. Save it for a night when he's sitting at home bored, wondering what to do with himself. He will then have the opportunity to thank you for the diversion. :)

redsoxwinthisyear said...

I often fantasize about seeing drivers who whiz by me, obviously breaking the speed limit big time, being pulled over by a police officer ahead of me. I would then pass them with such a smug feeling. But I don't recall it ever happening! These cops need to get on the job for sure!