Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dribs and Drabs

As some of you noticed, I have been messing with the settings on this blog, regarding comments. I won't go into details but I wanted to try something different so we'll see how long I leave it this way.

Life has been humming along and we are slowly settling into a routine. I have been working three afternoons a week for the past month or so now; sometimes I bring Aiden with me, and sometimes I leave him at home with a mother, or mother-in-law, an aunt, or Brad. I know, I know- I'm SO LUCKY to have so much family nearby who are willing to watch him... It has been really nice to have a break for a few hours but I'm always happy to come home to see my baby.

Have I said before how much I love being a mother? I know it's early yet, and many trials and tribulations lie before me. I know things will get harder once he starts moving around, and getting into stuff and talking etc. but all I know is that right NOW - which is really all the time I have to be concerned with anyway- I am so happy with him. His smile, which sometimes makes his face look like it's going to break, sets off firecrackers of joy within me. He has started sucking his thumb for real now and when he does, it's so cute, I think I might just eat him. Sometimes when I'm taking care of him, I'm still overcome with awe at the thought, " I get to be your mother. How did I get to be so lucky?"

And last Thursday night, he slept from about 11:30 p.m. til almost 8:00 in the morning...which means, that I SLEPT for almost EIGHT STRAIGHT HOURS! I cannot remember the last time I had that much consecutive sleep. Even before he was born, for months ( it seems like) I was waking up about 17 times a night to go to the bathroom. ( Okay- teeeensy exaggeration.) So it's probably been four or five months since I've had that kind of sleep. REJOICE WITH ME!

So that's one miracle: the miracle of sleep.

Another miracle is that - knock on wood- we haven't gotten sick with the Great Apocalyptic Flu that every other person in the known universe seems to have contracted recently. I don't know how we escaped it - other than God's grace and my nearly obsessive penchant for washing my hands. ( Not to say that God's grace doesn't extend to the poor germy victims of this epidemic... That's why I don't like saying, " God's grace..." or "...with God's grace..." very often because it's like, what about all the other Very Good People who have to deal with whatever situation you have escaped " by God's grace..." Are they somehow less favored of God? No... I don't think so...) The other day, my throat and sinuses started bothering me and I prepared for the worst, but it never flowered into a full blown sickness. I think it may have been allergies....because of ANOTHER great miracle: the miracle of SPRING.

Yes, I know many of you who read this are still laboring under mounds of snow and it seems like you are stuck in Narnia under the reign of the White Witch, but trust me, spring is real! The leaves are coming out here, the pear trees and daffodils and forsythia are blooming, and the pollen has begun to collect on the windshields...and in my sinuses. Strange- I never had big problems with allergies before. But I remember working with someone a long time ago who said that she never had allergies until she had children, and then she got them with a vengeance. Ah.

But this is degenerating quickly into a very boring post. Oooo- sleep! Oooo- allergies! How mundane can you get? It's been so long since I've written a real post that I think I'm out of practice. Bear with me as I jump back on the wagon of writing.

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Shari said...

Lol! It's not boring to me! I relate to everything in it. Sleeping 8 hours a night is truly delightful (Maisy has blessed us by being a good sleeper), and my allergies have been KILLING me this season. And I know exactly what you mean about being a mommy. It's the best thing in the world.