Saturday, March 15, 2008

Still Standing

For those of you who may have heard/read/seen the news about the big storm ( possibly a tornado) in Atlanta, I just thought I'd let you know that we're okay! We got some heavy downpours - and maybe some hail- and thunder and lightning and the power went out for a second, but our roof is still on and our house is intact, thank the Lord. The worst of the storm passed by to the north of us.


Zan said...

Yes, I did see the news about the tornado in Atlanta....WOW. My first thought was,"I wonder how close Claire lives to that area..."

Thanks for letting us know! Glad you are safe and sound!

p.s. Aiden is absolutely adorable, by the way!

kw said...

i heard about it too! It wasabout 5 milesaway from someother people I know!

Amy said...

That is good to know. The subject of Atlanta's tornado excitement came up at lunch today, shortly after I got a stern talking to from Russell for looking at blogs while he slaved away on my parents' wireless network. (Yours happened to be the one that was up when he caught me. So if you have a statcounter, and someone visited today from Lewisville, TX, that's actually just east of Kansas City. Because everything about the internet makes sense.)

The highlight of the tornado talk today was when my dad relayed the story of some sports arena's roof being affected. It took an hour for the floor to be cleaned up and play resumed. THAT is dedication to the game. Which I totally do not understand. :)

And in regards to your latest comment, yet ANOTHER moment of "That's so us!!" It would be one thing if you and I were alike OR Russell and Brad were alike. But for us both (er, all 4) to be (non-immoral) clones, well, that's just another thing entirely. :)