Sunday, May 25, 2008

Abandon Hope, Ye Lizards

This morning, as we were leaving for church, Brad stepped out the door, made a noise of consternation and said, "Do you want to see something disgusting?" I said no. Most definitely not. What kind of a question is THAT? ( Although, I suppose I should steel myself for such events, now that I am the mother of a boy. Furthermore, a boy is apt to thrust the Disgusting Something under my nose, rather than ask, as his father did, if I'd like to come see it.) I went out the door quickly, hoping that whatever it was would stay out of my line of vision...which it did. We left for church and I forgot about it.

When I returned home, I happened to catch a glimpse of The Disgusting Something as I came in the door. Apparently, sometime in the recent past - perhaps when my neighbor came over the other day to give me the contents of her fridge - including several steaks, pork tenderloin, coleslaw, green beans, asparagus, two lemons, a cucumber, ground turkey and a huge bag of shrimp- when our front door was open, a small lizard decided to poke his head in the door. Literally. Not on the side of the doorknob, but on the other side - near the hinges, to be more exact. Have you guessed what's coming? Well, I did not see this small reptilian visitor, and... yes... I...quite literally... closed the door on him. The portion of his body with his head attached was inside the door. I have no idea how long he was there before Brad spied him...but it had to have been at least overnight. Siiiiiiiiick.

It made me think of a verse in the book of Hebrews and my mind wandered to strange what if there was an animalia "Faith Chapter"... which talks about lizards who have undergone persecutions and torture... and been severed in doors...I TOLD you I was thinking strangely.

But, on a more serious note, can you believe my neighbor? I think she wins some sort of award. She was going out of town for the weekend, quite unexpectedly, because her father was dying in Louisiana... and she had all this food thawing - or thawed- in her fridge- and in the midst of getting ready to go, and in spite of her own personal distress, she thought to call me and offer me this food that would probably be bad by the time she got home again. Who is that thoughtful? I think I need to buy her flowers or SOMEthing.


Amy said...

My first thought was, "Who keeps that much stuff in their fridge at any one time??" I have some of that, but it's been in the freezer for...a while. :)

Poor little headless lizard. Is anyone going to dispose of...the remains? Just think of the joy Aiden will find in such things, perhaps sooner than you might like! And of the valuable lessons you'll be able to teach thanks to your interesting associations when these moments occur! :)

Shari said...

Poor lizard. I'm wondering the same thing . . . has it been cleaned up? Gross.

What a lovely neighbor. :-)

Claire said...

Brad was given the job of... um... undertaker. I'm not sure exactly where the final resting place is - but it is somewhere OUTside.

Shari said...

I saw a dead snake today. And I thought of your poor little lizard. Lol.