Monday, June 02, 2008

Funny Manna

Recently, I've noticed a new phenomenon with Aiden. There comes a certain time of day that I am calling The Laughing Hour. It started a while ago when I noticed around 8 or 9:00 in the evening that he was particularly susceptible to chortling. I would do something - making a certain noise or doing a certain kind of tickle - and he'd take it into his head that it was the funniest thing he had seen all day and laugh. And of course, I'd do it again, just to hear that beautiful little chuckle... and again, and again... The next day, it's not funny. The noise or tickle doesn't work. It has to be something completely different. And I'll go through all sorts of contortions and noises until he decides on The Next Funny Thing. As Cherilyn would say- there's a spiritual analogy here! It's like the children of Israel and their manna- it's fresh every morning...or in our case, evening. ( And the old stuff rots...becomes no good...You get the idea.)

Aiden's been having some pretty fussy episodes recently- due to teething. I was fussy too when my wisdom teeth were coming in, so I can empathize. But the Laughing Hour still works, in spite of the fussies. When the funny thing is discovered, he will switch, mid-whine, into a wide grin and giggle. This bodes very well in my sight. And tonight, I hit the jackpot. EVERYTHING that I did made him laugh! I felt like the most hilarious comedienne! ( I wish I could have recorded it, but of course, as luck would have it, we don't have any blank tapes for the videocamera right now... But he doesn't seem to really be himself when the camera is around anyway.)

It's a good thing that children don't realize the power they wield. I don't think they would, as Strong-Bad says, use it "for good or for awesome." I think they would make slaves of us all if they only knew. Well, I guess they really DO make slaves of us. For years, we feed them, carry them, change their dirty diapers, wash their clothes, do innumerable things to ensure their health and safety... and, for a while anyway, our biggest reward is the joy of experiencing their smiles and laughter.


ljmax said...

Those laughs are so rewarding. Love the Strong Bad quote. Which reminds me, I saw a "Seriously." bumper sticker the other day driving by me...weird.

Shari said...

Maisy is super giggly every night at 8 pm too! And it's so funny, the next day, when she gives me the serious stare when I'll try to do the same thing that cracked her up the night before. THAT face makes me laugh more than anything.

I could live on her giggles for the rest of my life. I love them.