Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fingers Crossed: I think we're out of the woods

Many thanks to those who prayed for Brad last week. I'm glad to say he is feeling much better now that the fever is gone. I think having a couple days of weekend recuperation helped a lot. He got some blood taken for testing but the results haven't come back yet so we're not sure what the whole story is.

And Stan is on the mend too. I realize I haven't really gotten into his whole story... I'm still trying to decide if I should even go there. Ooog.


Amy said...

Yes, yes, Brad is feeling better, that's good. But what about Stan???


Shari said...

Yay for Brad feeling better. And I want to know what happened to Stan.

I'm thinking about you guys today, because of Andrew. Liane mentioned him dying on the field . . . was it a sports accident? I just realized that I've never known how he died.

I'm so sorry that you lost him, Claire. I have two brothers and one sister and my younger brother and I were just saying the other day how difficult it would be if we lost each other. Ugh.

Hugs and kisses to you and your family.