Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 24 - Seven Months

Seven Months
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Aiden is seven months old today. Another reason that I wanted him born on the 24th and not on Christmas ( when I realized he wasn't going to come weeks or days EARLY like I initially wanted), was because Andrew's birthday is July 24th and 24 was always his favorite number. Kind of silly for it to matter to me, I know, but it makes me happy in a small way. I am wondering about this idea: when Aiden is older, and birthday parties with friends are important, in order to make his birthday special and not overshadowed by Christmas, maybe we should adopt Andrew's birthday and celebrate a sort of half-birthday. To be truly "half" it would need to be in June... so maybe I'll just call it his summer birthday.


ljmax said...

That is a really good idea! Happy 7 months Aiden.

gretchen said...

Andrea (whose birthday is Dec 26th) celebrated a half-birthday for at least several years when we were growing up, and it was extra fun for all of us. I don't think hers was in June either, but we still called it a half-birthday.

I love the idea too!

And I love it that Aiden shares Andrew's date. Small, yes. Silly, no.

kw said...

aww...widdle kissable...happy half:)

Derrick said...

The only way that pig is going to join SSE is as a centerpiece of a cookout :-D

ljmax said...

Yikes, I thought D was referring to Aiden until I remembered his latest photo!