Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If I wrote blog posts like my Facebook status

Claire should be putting away laundry but she isn't.

Claire thinks that this day of work was FABULOUS and that everyone should go check out what Philip wrote on his blog this morning. ( see my links section.)

Claire hopes that Brad is feeling better and wants everyone to pray for him. Okay- have to stop this Facebook talk and expound a little here. Sunday night, Brad came down with a fever, and thrashed and moaned all night long, hardly sleeping, only to get up around 4:00 in the morning to take off for his very first day of police academy. What timing. He came home pretty exhausted last night and his fever spiked way up to an ungodly number...between 102 and 103. Poor man. Chills, headache, sweats... the works. And he had to write a three page essay about himself. So as he huddled under the covers, he dictated his life story to me. Thank goodness for laptops is all I can say. Well, at 5:15 this morning, he didn't seem much improved but he dragged himself out of bed and took off for the academy again. I do not know how he did it. He was the picture of pure misery. He should be home some time in the next hour and I can't wait to hear about his day. Please pray for a miraculously quick recovery.

Claire is heading back to laundry land.


Shari said...

Oh! Poor Brad! That sounds horrendous. A fever + police academy must be excruciating. Tell him I'm praying for him.

I swear I left a comment on the photo of Aiden with the little girl, but it's not there now. Maybe I didn't? Maybe I'm losing my brain? Lol.

Claire said...

You're not going crazy, Shari! You left a comment on Facebook where I imported the note/picture from the blog! :)

Thanks for the prayers.

lis said...

We're praying over here, too!