Monday, August 04, 2008

I may be pursued by the Diaper Police

Today was Aiden's first time swimming. Penny and I took him down to the neighborhood pool and he seemed a little perplexed at first, but I think he decided that he liked it. He didn't cry and seemed to enjoy splashing anyway! Penny took this picture on her cell phone -isn't it fantabulous?!

We found out later that no diapers are allowed in the pool. Oops. Well, would wearing NO diaper have been better?! Okay- that's why they have a little kiddie pool... but it was all weird looking and even when I cleaned out the leaves, it still looked... palsied, brackish, and altogether less than wholesome. There was no one else there, but we still could get in trouble because... big brother was watching. Yes, our pool has a surveillance camera so that if any crimes occur there, they will have tapes to use for evidence. I can see the newscast now: "DIAPER IN POOL! Footage at 11:00!"


the Joneses said...

They want you to use the "swimmy diapers," which don't absorb water and release blobs of foam. They also don't actually do any good, as I've discovered from personal experience while holding a child wearing a swimmy diaper, but to make the Pool People feel better I pretend it makes a difference.

-- SJ

ljmax said...

Yes, the swimmy dipes are the ticket although it is fun to watch the regular ones fill nigh to exploding with water.

kw said...

oh my..he looks like he is savoring every moment of cute...wish he could swim with my water babies..

Su said...

Diaper ON baby=Good

Diaper OFF baby=Very Bad!

We have a pool and in my experience any diaper on a baby in a pool is a good thing! Trust me!

gretchen said...

Oh my word! I see Brad! I really do! How exciting! The longer I look the less I see it, but when I just glanced at it, in that first instant my mind said "Brad!" Neat!

Shari said...

I just bought Maisy a bathing suit yesterday (it was 97 cents at a Gap outlet! Yay!), and I want to take her to the beach. Brent and I were talking in the car about this exact thing. Does she wear her diaper? Or not? I've never heard of swimmy diapers, so I guess I'll go check them out. Lol.