Sunday, September 07, 2008

Aunt Lindsay and Aiden

Friday afternoon I got a phone call from Lindsay. She, Amy, and Andrea were flying out to DJ's wedding in California and had a four hour layover in Atlanta and she wondered if I'd be able to pop up to the airport for a visit. Wild horses couldn't keep me away! I haven't seen Lindsay or Amy in about two years and it was so much fun to see them - AND Andrea, who I had the good fortune to see this summer for a few days- and to watch them interact with Aiden. They seemed to genuinely like him, even though he spit up a large amount of peas and oatmeal on Aunt Lindsay...which is generally not a good way to win friends and influence newly introduced aunts. But she was very forgiving, having other nieces and nephews, of the blood-relation variety, who have done much worse to her. ( I couldn't resist linking to that... Just thinking about that story cracks me up.)

I thought perhaps he might rip one of her earrings out - which made me feel not a little queasy- because he was fascinated with them and was playing with them almost like a monkey swinging on a chandelier, but Saint-Aunt Lindsay tolerated his tuggings and all ear flesh remained intact. PHEW.

So, yes, the whole thing was a very bright spot in my week. Hurray for surprises!

Oh, and by the way, happy wedding day, DJ and Crystal!

( Picture taken with my cell phone.)


Linds said...

What a happy, happy, HAPPY way to start the weekend!
Love you!!

gretchen said...

Awesome!!! (And way to redeem the time...four hour layover and all that!)