Saturday, September 13, 2008


It kind of feels like someone - someTHING - is out to get you when one sunny morning, you see that a gigantic, glorious, glistening spiderweb has been set in place... right outside your back door, as close as a screen. And you feel a little threatened, and then, a little foolish to be so intimidated by something the size of... wait... that spider is HUGE! Okay- its body is probably no bigger than your big toenail. Perspective, perspective, please. But...I guess I'll wait... a few days...until it's gone to go out on the back porch.

Yesterday afternoon, we watched the spider roll up some poor anonymous creature who had the misfortune to wander into the web. Brad exclaimed about how cool it was; I could hardly watch. He thought it looked remarkably like Shelob wrapping up Frodo. A very small, fly-like, un-hobbitish Frodo. Poor Frodo. There was no Sam bug to come rescue him.


Liane said...

We currently have a pretty big one hanging out in front of one of our lvg. room windows. The boys love to watch it.

When did you put the wish list up? I just noticed it.

Claire said...

I don't remember exactly when I put it up - sometime this last week, I think. Just a silly whim. But Christmas is coming! I wish Etsy had a wishlist like Amazon - I have been addicted to going on there recently - Etsy, that is. I think between Wolf Camera and Etsy, all my Christmas shopping needs will be covered.

KJ said...

Ah yes. I remember that spider and his impressive web he build across the door. Very intimidating indeed :)

Amy said...

I hate hate hate almost walking into spider webs! When I actually do it just gives me the creeps for hours. I'm SURE that the spider was on the part of the web I walked into and that it is now somewhere on my person. Eww!

Last summer our back fence became a garden spider neighborhood. I refused to mow any closer than about a yard away because I was sure the spiders would jump out and eat me. Russell's inner little boy had to throw a grasshopper or two onto one of the webs so he could watch it get eaten. This is the same inner child that took that spider movie I posted not too long ago.

Well, there's something for you to look forward to now as a mother of a little boy!! :)

Amy said...

There's a gigantic spider web at the corner of my house from the eaves, down the drain spout, all the way to the ground. I thought of you as I very nearly walked into it to become the prey of a very large and disgusting spider. There was a dead cicada caught in there...right about eye level. Shivery.

flowergirl267 said...

Sometimes I think it is mean for a spider to kill "defenseless" little bugs. Then I look closer and think, hmmm, we could use one less of that particular bug in the world. So I leave them until they decide to more or some unsuspecting person walks into them. But they are interesting.
ps found your blog through Sara Jones' blog. your little boy is cute.(: