Sunday, September 28, 2008

This and That

I haven't really written much for a while so I'm just going to throw out some flotsam and jetsam paragraphs about what's been going on of late.

Right now, Brad is driving around looking for a gas station with some gas. He's been to several and can't find any. He had to come home and put the lawnmower gas in the vehicle and then go back out to look for more because he was so low on gas. Ayeyeyaye!

I cut my hair. Short. My hair has been falling out for awhile - which I hear is a normal postpartum thing. I thought it would have stopped by now - he was born nine months ago, for Pete's sake, how long will I keep losing hair?!- and for a while I was worried that my thyroid meds needed adjustment. I consulted my doctor, got the bloodwork done, and lo, the thyroid was fine... so I guess it was just good old weird hormones or whatever. It seems like with hair falling out, and thus less hair to deal with, it would have been an easier thing to handle... but instead, it was just turning into a big hassle and a worse scraggly mess than usual and I wanted to hack it OFF. So I did. Well- I didn't, but a woman in a salon did. Over ten inches of it. I've never had it this short before. And I donated it to Locks Of Love - an organization that makes wigs for people - and so the whole haircut was FREE! ( except for the tip, of course.) Woohoo! . Penny and Aiden came with me; Penny to get her hair cut too, and Aiden to charm everyone's socks off in the salon. I kept on bursting out into laughter afterwards because it just felt so different and every time I passed a mirror it was startling. Brad is not too thrilled with my shorn look, and I am sorry for that... but I just feel like a calf released from the stall. And of course, it will grow back. Never fear. I know some people feel sad and regretful after cutting their hair. Not me. I'm SO happy with it.

You can see pictures on Flickr. I don't really have a true "after" picture up yet. The one I do have, my hair is all straight and un-me. They blowdry it flat afterwards and I don't look right. I'll have to put up a real one asap.

The other day, I had Aiden with me when I went to work with Philip. Aiden very regretfully went down for a nap and when he woke up a while later, I went in to get him and held him on my lap while I read to Philip. A couple minutes later, I suddenly noticed that both of Aiden's legs were stuck in one pant leg. I can't believe how unobservant I was! I don't know how long it was like that - or how it happened. Did he do that himself? Or did I do it the last time I changed his diaper? I started laughing, and picked him up to show Philip, who started laughing too. We both laughed so hard that Aiden got a little scared, I think.


Lori said...

Acchhh!! Your gorgeous hair!! I'd like to go to the salon and GET some locks of love ADDED on. My hair doesn't do long. Do you feel SASSY now?! :D

kw said...

i like ur new haircut! Wow, youreally look like you're related to me.!