Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trogdor Comes On a Bib!

As we drove home from church today, and I watched Aiden fall asleep, wearing his meat-head hat from Aunt Liane, I was seized with an inspiration. I whipped out my cell phone, got a picture of him and sent it to her. She texted back a moment later, saying that we should be getting a package from her soon. And then I wondered if perhaps it had already come and was waiting for us at home; it occurred to me that we had not gotten the mail yesterday. When we got home, I sprinted up the driveway and lo, there was a package in the mailbox! It was mostly full of something else, but the other thing inside was...a new, knitted bib for Aiden...and yes that is a Trogdor patch on the front! HA HA! ( For the uninitiated, Trogdor is a fearsome, fire-breathing dragon who wreaks havoc and destruction upon feudal countrysides in a faux-videogame within an online cartoon-ish...type...thing. Um, yeah. It's a sort of "guess you had to be there" kind of thing. ) It has just made my day.

The big blurry swath on the left is his hand. He's flailing his arms with exceptionally vigorous joy. And who wouldn't, after all, with a cool, new bib and the green tissue paper it came in to play with!

I apologize for the poor quality picture here. This was taken with a cell phone after all. And I know it looks like I cut Aiden's hair with a weed-whacker, but it actually looks a tad better in real life. Have you ever tried to cut the hair of a small person who won't sit still and who violently resists your bescissored hand's advances? If you haven't, you can't judge me. If you have, and have succeeded better than I, I hereby officially invite you to my house to cut Aiden's hair. Not to discourage you or anything, but I'd liken it to trying to apply lipstick to an eel. Except in this case, you're using sharp instruments. Which renders this task infinitely more dangerous.

And in case anyone cares to know the current video sound emerging from the basement: bagpipes.


Susan Elizabeth said... cute! I love that arm waving gesture of ectasy they all do! (kind of like what I do when a big, gooey dessert is placed in front of me!!)

Shari said...

Lol! You can come and try to cut Maisy's hair. :-) I haven't tried that yet, but I was just thinking today that she needs to have the very edges trimmed. My brother's girlfriend cuts hair, so I'll probably just have her do it.

Yay for handknitted gifts and Trogdor! :-)

Liane said...

Hee,hee...I had plans to use my The Cheat badge but couldn't find him, so Trogdor was a good replacement. Love the picture!

gretchen said...

..."your bescissored hand's advances."


Anonymous said...

I agree with Gretchen, also noteworthy is "lipstick on an eel." Hee he!

Aiden looks ultra cute in that picture, and I love the Trogdor patch.
-Amy P.