Saturday, September 17, 2005

AWOL fruit and other Terrors

So I was sitting on the couch this morning, ( or rather...uh...yesterday morning- FRIDAY morning) reading my Bible, and suddenly I see something out of the corner of my eye...moving fast across the living room floor. As I was wearing my glasses, which are sadly not so powerful, I couldn't tell exactly what the creature was. It was sort of brownish and bullet shaped, very small and moved with amazing speed. I sat transfixed, mute with horror, watching it disappear, and appear, and traverse the length of the living room...and then I let out some small, wailing cries to my husband who was just waking up in the next room. Bless his heart- he came out and set some traps. Sigh. So the traps are back. Yep- peanut butter and all.

The THING was NOT news to Brad that we had this furry guest. He was like, " Oh, yeah. I saw him the other day. He lives over there." WHAT? It's like - we have a new PET and you didn't TELL ME? And you KNOW his HABITAT? You didn't set the traps RIGHT AWAY?? Hmmm. Perhaps we should name him. Herr Vole. ( I think 'tis a vole, not a mouse.) Argh. I don't feel safe in my own home. I step with care like I've never stepped with care before. I think I need to get Marci's owl in here to take care of the pest problem.

So I got to work and as the girls were eating breakfast in the kitchen, someone dropped a grape on the floor. I didn't see them drop it- I just saw this small thing on the floor moving towards me out of the corner of my eye for a split second and I practically jumped up onto the fridge. WOW. Sent into palpitations by a wayward GRAPE? I think I have some serious nerves going here.

And speaking of work- one more week to go, folks. The countdown has begun. I think I'm telling the girls on Monday.

And another thing that has caused me consternation this day: There are four toothbrushes in the bathroom- and Brad casually confessed to me this evening, " Oh, by the way, I have no idea which one is mine." Huh! So we have another pest infestation AND you have unilaterally decided we have interchangeable dental care devices? UBER-gross. I don't even want to know how long this confusion has gone on. I suppose it is partly my fault for allowing this mass toothbrush situation to develop. Ew. Time to go buy two new toothbrushes and some real heavy duty labels.


ljmax said...

I recently replaced K's toothbrush and because of the "girly" color (purple), he kept having trouble distinguishing btw. his and mine. The other day I noticed he had marked his handle with a black marker! Sounds like Grmpa Sawtelle...

Gimli said...

I proclaim myself wholeheartedly on the vole's side. It has come to you for succor, and as one of God's creatures (as you yourself are) you must not turn it away.

Besides it won't take up very much space nor eat a lot. If you ask politely, I'm sure it will even use it's own toothbrush!

DJ said...

I can step on it for you if you want :) heh, heh, heh.

And you can do one more week! We're all behind you.

As for toothbrush thing. That is gross indeed. get a pink and blue one. that should solve all the problems :)

lis said...

Isn't it embarrasing when you find out that the whole girls and mice thing is not a cliche?

And toothbrushes - try living in a house with 8 other people...and add moving mahem. My toothbrush vanished earlier this summer, and then reappeared in a rather squashed-looking condition.

Had it been used to clean silver? Who knows????

Kristi said...

Hey, the "two shall become one" -- so that means one toothbrush, right??


Isaac Demme said...

I agree with Gimli.

Shay Dawg said...

I feel like I say this all the time but it's just like me and roaches. Just after I kill one my nerves are on edge. I carry a shoe in one hand and bug spray in the other and slowly move around in the house and my heart will stop when a catch a brief glance of a little carpet stain or something. Lord help us.