Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Miracle is Happening

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When Brad said last night that we would see a dramatic difference today, I pooh-poohed him inwardly. It seems like I've been hearing words to that effect for a couple days now. But, lo and behold, it's turned out to be true! The dumpster guy finally came and hauled away that big monstrosity...and ALSO we hired a couple guys to haul away the rest of the contents of the house. They are coming back tomorrow to pick up the rest of the stuff in the carport tomorrow. It looks like we will be done for good tomorrow night...and we'll be heading up to Sacramento to visit Aunt G. Most of what we've done today has been a final sweep through the house to get everything out except what we want to keep - and packing up all the stuff we want to ship small task, let me tell you. We have twenty four? boxes so far...and we may need a couple more. I am greatly encouraged's all downhill from here. Thanks for your prayers. Sorry this post has been rather incoherent and unorganized in its structure. Oh well. We're all zombies. It's kind of funny. We're about to go out and get dinner yet again. We have no dishes left to cook with even if we DID have the energy to cook. Hah. Cooking shmooking.


Mrs. RF said...

Thank the Lord for miracles! It is amazing what you have accomplished in such a short time!
It has helped getting your reports!

lis said...