Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Snippets of Stuff

I am adjusting nicely to my new, post-AGS lifestyle: I get a bit more sleep in the mornings, these days. Last night, I actually dreamed about being back at work but something struck me as funny ( but if I described it to you, it wouldn't sound funny- odd how sometimes things in dreams that crack you up just don't translate into funny in normal life.) Anyway- I laughed OUT LOUD in my sleep! Brad said, " What's so funny?" but I didn't answer.

Am I the only one who gets nervous when sitting in the back of an airplane when it's taking off? I just always feel like the back of the plane is going to bump its rear end on the runway because it tilts up so drastically. So- anyone else out there that is as weird as I am in this regard?

Lately, Brad has been gearing up to be a homeowner by getting after me about leaving lights on when I'm not using them. ( Our current apartment's rent includes the utilities.) So the other evening at dinner when Brad began on this new electric cutback fad, pointing out that I had left on several lights in rooms that neither one of us were in at the moment, I went around and turned out ALL the lights and we ate our dinner in the twilight kitchen. I don't think he even NOTICED that I had gone whole hog on the no-light thing. Wow.

SO. The packing has started. This should be a cakewalk considering our recent experiences...It's kinda strange to be packing up because we don't even know where we're going! I feel a bit like Abraham. Well- we SORT of know where we're going...we just don't have a house yet. But it's pretty exciting when I realize that when we unpack this stuff, we'll (probably) be in our own house! WOW.

Brad worked a half day today and came home and we spent the afternoon together, packing. He uncovered some treasures- such as a piece of paper that said, "Brad is so good to me" and I had signed it and dated it 9/8/02. Irrefutable Proof. I guess I had said something to that effect and he probably said something like, " Can I get it in writing?" And lo, and behold, it's three years later, and he's STILL good to me. How lucky am I?

AND he uncovered a sealed box of soap- Irish Spring with Aloe- that was from the time that I visited him in California after Christmas 2000. He kept it because that was the kind of soap in the bathroom during that two week time I was out there and the smell reminded him of me. Awww. Who says men aren't sentimental? I love that he saved that soap.


ljmax said...

yeah, that--packing without knowing where you're going-feeling sure is fun!

pennyjean said...

I was thinking the same things today, Claire, while I was packing our stuff. Not knowing what the house will look like and the next time I open the box, I'll be in our new house! (Probably!)


DJ said...

Good for you Claire!

And Bwadwy is SO cute! I just want to huggle snuggle his wittle funny head :)

Haha. I couldn't resist trying to write in "cutesy" :)...

the Joneses said...

Ryu, please, resist next time :)


KW said...

Awwwww....that is so sweet of Brad. What a romantic
thing to do:) Hope you're having fun packing.

Kristi said...

Yes! I know how you feel about the airplane tail hitting the ground! It's not just me!

About electricity: I've heard it uses more energy to turn lights off and on than to just leave them on. I don't mean leave them all on all the time, but it's okay to leave frequently used lights for longer periods of time.

Claire said...

Thanks, Kristi!