Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled...PICKLES!

I am now the part owner of a five gallon bucket of fabulous pickles. Well, I WILL be, come Thursday.

Here's the story.

Pari, Penny, Rachel, and I went out to lunch today to mourn Rachel's imminent departure from our vicinity. ( Joshua and Rebekah came along too...) We went to a place called Firehouse Subs and enjoyed delectable sandwiches...along with some reeeeeally good dill pickle spears. They were so unusually fantastic that I went up to the counter and asked the manager where he had gotten them. He told me that they get them in these big five gallon buckets from Knoxville. Huh. He even pulled one out of the back and showed it to me. I was hoping for some clue as to why they tasted so different but to no avail. He said many people comment on the pickles and that they usually go through a bucket a day!

Pari asked him if he could order us a bucket and he agreed. So on Thursday, I'm going to pick up our pickles. I think we're going to have the things coming out our ears!

While we ate our lunch we sat below a TV tuned to Fox News which was covering the funeral of Corretta Scott King...I almost said " the live funeral of..." and then I realized how strange that would sound. Anyway...It started around noon, I guess, and this evening when I came out of the library, got into my car and turned on the radio around 6:30, they said that the funeral had just ended. WOW. I have never heard of a funeral going that long.


DJ said...

Maybe they served those subs with the special pickles at the funeral, and so people just kept hanging around for more subs?

I recommend pickles on peanutbutter[must be CRUNCHY pb too] and toast. Just don't eat it right before bed, or you could have some seriously disturbing dreams, heh, heh, heh...

ljmax said...

What's next? A bucket of ice cream?

Shay Dawg said...

Ok...that definately caused some salivation on my part thinking about those pickles. I'm a big fan of pickles. As a kid my cousin and I would sit in the back seat of the car snacking on pickles like they were chips or something. We have a firehouse sub place here that i've been meaning to go to, maybe they have a specialty order of pickles too! I doubt it =(

hesper48 said...

Hey, I hope you know that God says, "Share!" We could use a few of those pickles!

The "share" story is a Rick Fulton classic. He treated TJ Richmond and Matt Noble to ice cream cones one day. TJ quickly gobbled his down, while Matt slowly licked and savored his. Pretty soon, TJ began to eye Matt's slowly disappearing ice cream. He turned to him and said, "God says, share!"