Thursday, November 23, 2006


As I made my Thanksgiving list this morning in my churchy notebook, it was interesting to compare it with the one I made last year at this time in the same notebook. Some of the things were the same- and not just the good old standbys like friends and family and God. For instance, last year AND this year, I have listed that I am thankful for avocados and the local Christian radio station. Weird. Last year, I listed that I was thankful for a new nephew born in 2005: Arthur. And this year, I have another new nephew on my list since last Thanksgiving: Drew.

One of the first things on my list this time was my summer job. I have spent much of my time down here looking for a job, and learning lessons of trusting, waiting and contentment, but there was actually a period of about three months when I was gainfully employed full time! One happy side effect of so much unemployed time was that I got to take many trips this year; I didn't even realize how much traveling I have done recently until I sat down this morning to make my list.

First, in January I went to Michigan to visit L. In April, Brad, Dad, Grandpa and I went to Louisiana for a couple of days to visit the U.S.S. Kidd. In May, we went down to Florida for Jeff and Fritter's wedding. In August, I went up to New England for Sarah's wedding. In September, we went to Fairwood to celebrate the Feast of Harvest and were hugely encouraged during that time. And then in October/November, I went to England to visit K and fam. I am thankful for all those opportunities and the protection that God provided as I traveled.

I'm thankful for Brad's job, being married to Brad, having Nate and Penny living nearby, that there IS a heaven, yardsaling with Penny, eggnog, no terrorist attacks, financial blessings, a neighborhood pool, Sam's Club, my bathroom, artichokes, God's lessons in stripping even good things away so that I can't lean on anything but Him, and the powerful times of prayer we've had as a group at ODC which have strengthened me, given me vision and provided an anchor in storms.

God has blessed me - and us- so much this year and I really want Him to know that I appreciate his blessings.

I wish you all a very happy and THANKFUL Thanksgiving.


ljmax said...

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Ethan can't wait to come hear A. Claire's loud claps.

Linds said...

Happy Thanksgiving, friend of mine! I'm thankful for the time that we had together at Sarah's wedding!

Claire said...

Me too, Linds! That was one of the highlights of my summer...nay, of my YEAR!

lis said...

Thankful for YOU, Claire! No one can make me laugh (or almost-cry) or feel inspired in the inimitable way that you can!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Claire, this is such a great post. Thanks for making me laugh and cry. :-)

Oh, and I think it's so neat that you met "Soj" in person!