Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bits of news

Pathetic: When the seat you are sitting on becomes usurped by a sleeping cat. Stan crawled up in the office chair and lay down behind me. He is now sprawling on the back four fifths of the seat, whilst I take up the tiny portion of space on the front edge...What is WRONG with this picture? I thought we were supposed to have dominion over the beasts of the earth?! But I can't really bring myself to sit ON him...That might kill him.

Last night I was trying to decide what my favorite word is -- and I can't decide if it's rendezvous, nepotism, or usurp.

Oh- the interview went okay, but I'm pretty sure I don't want the job. Ah well. On the upside, another slight lead looms on the horizon. Not sure if it's a mirage or a real possibility. In the meantime, life goes on and I am fairly happy. Odd.

The other day, the doorbell rang and it was the little girl next door. She had a big box in her hand and I thought, is she selling me something? I was trying to summon my sales resistance... But, no, it was just that they had half a key lime pie they couldn't finish and wanted to give us the rest. Give? Pie? Oh. My. Word. That was good pie. I was thinking recently how I need to cut down on my sugar consumption again because I've let it get a little out of hand, but how can you do that when people are at your door handing out free pie? As we stood talking, Stan suddenly darted out the front door and made good his escape. I think he'd been scheming it for some time because he went right for the hedge- a smart move, seeing as how I am not one to bash through hedges, even for a beloved pet. So I had to wait around and lure him out and chase him some more before I finally got him in my clutches again. PHEW! That rascal.

Some more weird names we are apt to call Stan lately: Cinnamon Roll Boy( he looks like one when he naps)( yes, I DO have sugar on the brain), Trapper Dan ( NO idea WHERE this one came from but it's one of Brad's creations), and Phyllis McReynolds (another bizarre creation of Brad's.) I'm surprised Stan hasn't become so confused as to develop multiple personalities or some kind of identity crisis. Poor kitty; he has a different name for every hour of the day. Oh -and another one: Cuggy MacFarlane. Yep- all Brad. I hesitate to expose people to our weirdness but it just seemed like such a shame to not blog about something so bizarrely silly.


Aaron said...

Your (pl.) weirdness makes me happy, and so do your stories. I think usurp is the best word of those three, but I keep going back and forth between that and nepotism. I guess it's really up to you... :)

ljmax said...

Trapper Dan!!

Amy said...

The bizarrely silly is just the thing to blog about! :)

And my favorite word has been my favorite word since I first heard it: amiable. :)

And June has the same gift as Stan. We can be sharing the couch equally...until we're not. I'll realize I'm perched on 1/2 of 1 cushion while she's sprawled over the other 2 1/2. So not fair, but what's a girl to do, inconvenience her royal dogness?!

DJ said...

Be stern, be hard, be tough! Squash that Stan for all he's worth ;-)

Shari said...

Our cats often take over places where we sleep, sit and eat, and most of the time, we let them. LOL.

I'm laughing so hard at the alternative names for Stan. I just read them out loud to Brent, and he's cracking up too. We used to call Bonnabelle Cucamonga Map, so we don't think you're weird at all. :-)