Saturday, March 03, 2007

Baby Edmund

I've been a little busy of late helping to take care of Joshua and Rebekah as Pari and Dan went to the hospital on Thursday "get the baby." Baby Edmund Joseph, to be precise. From the time they called me to come stay with the kids on Thursday night until the baby was born at the hospital, little more than an hour and ten minutes elapsed. MAN! I hope whenever my time comes to have a baby that the whole thing goes as quickly as that. ( Okay- so the labor had started a few hours earlier so it wasn't exactly just an hour from start to finish...but...) When Dan called me to tell me the news, I seriously thought he was joking. But then I realized that the baby crying in the background verified his story.

Anyway- taking care of the kids was a cooperative effort: Penny spent the night, bless her, and we both took the kids in to the hospital Friday morning. She also did the brave work of selling Joshua on the baby's name, as he was convinced that it should be Peter Edmund. Rebekah was of the opinion that it should be Tumnus Eustace, but her choice was quickly discarded as too "far out." ( Just kidding. For those of you who don't know- Rebekah is all of fourteen months old. Too young to have much of an opinion about anything beyond food, the dryness of her diaper, and being put down for a nap. She is pretty much the essence of cuteness, though.) It was very exciting and fun to visit the new baby and hold him and take pictures. Speaking of which, I don't have any pictures - you'll have to keep an eye on Penny's blog b/c she was the one with the camera.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. Joshua played outside in the yard almost all afternoon and succeeded in getting extremely dirty. But I figured, what better way to celebrate a new baby brother than to go out and behave like a boy.

I think Joshua's favorite word is "hospital." He kept saying it over and over last night as we colored a "welcome home" sign.

Anyway- mother and baby are well and came home last night. Hurray!


KJ said...

WOW! I completely forgot that there was another one on the way so I was completely taken by surprise! Congratz to them and I'm glad taking care of the other kids went so well :)

asaphat said...

Definitely didn't know there was another one coming. Wasn't it just a couple months ago Penny or someone blogged about keeping Joshua so Rebekah could be born? Feels like it. Time flies.

#3 babies have a way of popping out really fast. I did, so I ought to know. Before the doctor even showed up to deliver me, in fact.