Friday, March 30, 2007

Portrait of a Stranger

This nice lady served us at a local independent coffee establishment this evening. She didn't want me to mention where she worked, just in case her boss were to find out and see how bored she was. I guess it was a slow day. We took pity on her and ordered extra items to bring home.

Thanks to Liane for organizing this photo week. It has been a blast.


DJ said...

Man, with all these "portraits of a stranger" floating around, it makes me wonder. Who is taking MY picture and I haven't a clue about it?

Can you say SCARY?!?

Good sabbath :-)

Brad said...

She knew. I asked her permission first.

You can be scared if you want, though.

lis said...

Hehe! This one is very National Geographic-esque, in my opinion.

(And I always loved their portraits!)

wideyed said...

She looks jolly. I like her chin.