Saturday, March 10, 2007

Let the Yardsales begin!

Yesterday, I had an early morning babysitting gig. Basically I rolled out of bed and went. The time went quite well and I was glad they were young children because I didn't feel I had to
spend a lot of time getting myself ready to look nice for them. My hair was all weird and
spriggish and I was wearing my glasses and shuffling around like an old house-frau. But we had a great time!

On my way home, however, I was tempted off the road by three yardsales. ( I know it sounds like I'm moving into an allegory here, but no, you're wrong.) I knew I looked like some sort of unkempt, homeless bumette who had stolen a silver sedan, but the love of a good yardsale is a powerful motivator. My love of yardsaling overcame my vanity; it even overcame the fact that I had no cash on hand and the knowledge that, pretty much as a rule, yardsale proprietors don't accept debit cards.

I did have a checkbook, however. I thought perhaps they might be suspicious and not accept it, thinking I was trying to con them by writing a bad check. ( The last time I wrote a check at a yard sale, when I bought a fairly expensive item, the man - a former cop- made me put down my driver's license number.) But I thought it just might work. And it did! Bless those friendly folks.

Here are my yardsale treasures of March 9th, 2007, all of which amounted to the grand total of $6.00:

I was delighted to find these three bags. The top one has a matching mini-coin purse inside and zips up on top, very handy for a carry-on. (As opposed to carrion. Spelling DOES matter, boys and girls. You're either holding a duffel bag or a hunk of dead, putrefying flesh. Which do you think you'd want in the overhead compartment above you?) The purse is a perfect straw, summer purse, kind of like one I used to have, only better. It's also very tempting for Stan to scratch. ( Bad Stan!) And then there's the light-weight backpack type of bag, perfect for a (short, non-serious/non-Gerry type of) hike or a day sightseeing in the city, when you want the convenience of a purse and the function of a backpack, that reminded me of something Liane might make. I included the second picture below to illustrate how it looks when the drawstring/straps is/are pulled straight/apart.

Now I have something for Joshua to play with when he comes to visit!

Good for visiting tots...or perhaps I'll just donate it to the church...It was cheap as free- almost.

Anyway- my day was made! Hurray for the start of another yardsale season!

P.S. My day was NOT made by the rebelliousness of these pictures. Sorry to those of you who visited before and couldn't see the pictures. When I published them, they appeared to be fine but when I came back later, they had vanished and a great struggle ensued - between me and Blogger- to get them reinstated. Even so, they didn't go in the order that I had originally placed them but at that point I just threw up my hands ( in the figurative sense, not in a vomiting sense) and said, "Whatever. You win, Blogger...." *growl* and I rearranged the text to fit the pictures. I have a very limited amount of patience with ornery technology. A pox on Blogger.


ljmax said...

Love yard sale loot! One point for the south with it's longer yard sale season...can't wait til ours starts. I can't see the pics. yet for some reason but I'll keep checking back.

Claire said...

Good grief. They were all set when I published...I guess I'll have to get Brad to fix it when he gets home. Sorry.

Amy said...

Carry-on, carion...too funny!! I read that part to Russell, who was so distracted by it he actually stopped organizing!

And next time I'm on a plane I know this is going to come back to me, I'm going to look at that stuffy business person putting their carry-on into the overhead bin, and imagine them stuffing a disembodied head up there. It will make the waiting in line(s) worth it! :)

Amy said...

Oh, and I love the drawstring purse! I always want that kind, Russell doesn't like them and therefore makes fun of them when I wear them...but that doesn't lessen my love for them!

DJ said...

I am glad you didn't throw up IN your hands, cause yeah, that would have been gross!

lis said...

Wait, it sounds like Blogger HAS a pox! :O)

Loved the post! Love yardsaling! Love you! (not to be confused with the relative intensity of the first two items).

TripleNine said...

I loved your inserts! How great it is to have a sense of humor. :) I have to say though, that disgorging your own hands would be much nastier than carrying around a hunk of dead, rotting meat.

Amy said...

I saw your Kansas twin on campus today. I was on my way to get some lunch and I looked over and THERE YOU WERE!!! Except not you, because how (and why) would you be at my college, but she looked SO much like ALL the pictures of you that you've posted! (And she was wearing a really cute jeans skirt that I really wanted). I looked for a Brad look-alike but couldn't find one. Though he does look a whole lot like my friend Mike...facial hair and all.

Amy said...

Not in Georgia you say? Hm. Missed that one. Whizzed right by. I just checked your profile to see if it had gotten the memo...nope, it agrees with me. So where in the world are Brad & Claire?? Don't tell me you really ARE at my school?!?! :)

Linds said...

Yay for your finds!
Today would have been a great day for yard sales up here... it was in the 70s!! However, tomorrow hellish-NH-spring-ness is supposed to sock us with snow. Hrumph!