Monday, February 04, 2008

Aiden Goes to Church

Yesterday, Aiden attended church for the first time. Hurray, hurrah. And according to tradition, we gave him back to God in a ceremony of dedication. God's in charge of his life, and that helps me to relax a little bit.

Here is a picture of him taken yesterday, wearing the sweater and hat that Aunt Liane made for him (picture taken by Penny).

I haven't been posting a whole lot recently, mainly because most days are pretty much the same - consisting of feeding Aiden, burping Aiden, changing his diapers, eating, sleeping, and laundry... Not very exciting material... but I am very happy, nonetheless. One smile from him makes my entire day. And it's real to me that even though, according to the world's standards, I am not being very productive ( I am not contributing to the Gross Domestic Product or anything like that), I am sustaining a new life and that is of tremendous importance. Even though it appears mundane, I am doing God's will for me right now; it is God's will to feed and burp and change this child every bit as much as it is God's will for some people to go be a missionary to China.

And I love Aiden so much, it's almost scary.


Michael Tyas said...

You are linking to a photo on gmail and it's getting angry!!!!

You need to host the photo somewhere else.

Claire said...

Ooops - I'm not very... um... tech-smart. I will try to remedy this particular boo-boo eventually.
( which means, I will try and bug Brad into doing it. Someday.) Sorry!

Amy said...

Some might consider going to be a missionary in China so they don't have to do the work of burping and changing. We all have our important, and even necessary, jobs to do for the world to go 'round as He would like.

I have a feeling no one would look favorably upon you if you *didn't* do the work only a mother (and father too, Brad...don't want you feeling left out) would do. Things having to do with poop. They say that prostitution is the oldest profession, but that is totally not true. I think motherhood goes back just a liiiiiiittle farther. :)

Claire said...

Thanks for fixing it, Brad.

( I didn't even ask him!)

And I'm not sure if the picture was taken by Mom P. or by Penny using Mom's camera - but whatever...either way, she sent it to me...Thanks, Mom!

Mrs. RF said...

Yes, it was Penny using my camera. I was doing the holding of the precious bundle.

ljmax said...

Yay! I feel quite honored by his (your) wardrobe choice...very sweet.

Lori said...

I like "I love Aiden so much, it's almost scary." You will be amazed at what you are willing to do for him, to sacrifice, to toil, to strain, to pray, to love, to give, to turn yourself inside out for providing for....for years and years. I'm doing it for my own ankle-biters, and my own parents did and are still doing it for me.

Shari said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean, Claire! I love my little girl so much that it makes me ache.

Sorry I've been absent . . . we've just been so busy with lots of family stuff lately! And I haven't forgotten sending Aiden a gift . . . next week, I promise! :-)