Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Iron Curtain in GA; Our House is BUGGED!

We got new phones! ( land-line phones, not cell phones.) The old ones kept having problems and we were getting tired of picking up the phone and hearing snippets of the other person on the other end... and everyone who called us was getting tired of hearing us say, " Hello? Hello? I can't hear you...Hang on...Let me switch to another phone and see if I can hear you better on that..."

( Well, secretly, I loved the old malfunctioning phones because, being an anti-phone person by nature, I kind of liked the excuse... "Sorry! Can't talk! Stupid phone isn't working again! You'll just have to email me. Or text me. Or leave a comment on my Facebook wall. Or on the blog... In this world of hyper-communication, surely you can find a way to reach me if you must." But, being married to a rational adult, he convinced me that it was wise to bite the bullet and just get a phone system that worked.)

One cool and nefarious feature, among many, of these new phones is the baby monitor feature. There are four phones in the system and you can listen in on any one of the rooms in the house where there is a phone from any other phone. And by listen in, I can press a button, pretend you are a Communist spy and hear what is going on in that other room...without ANYONE in that other room KNOWING that you are listening! ( *rub hands together in a Lewie Hansen-like gesture...*) My mind was so blown by that revelation. I LOVE technology!

SO, anyone who comes to our house...BEWARE! Big Brother, or Big Sister, may be eavesdropping. No church leadership meeting is safe in our living room from now on! ( Ha ha. If I really wanted to know what was going on, I'd just sit on the stairs and listen.)


Michael said...

This is deliciously evil!

Zan said...

Oh Claire, you're funny! Hope the baby is doing well! He is absolutely adorable!

Gimli said...

You know what is really bad? I'm not mentioning any names, but other people have those same exact phones--thus inspiring them to do their nefarious best when they come over to visit!