Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Diaper Service

Aiden turns six months old tonight at 11:59. Party at our house @ midnight! Mmmm- hopefully not.

( Pictures to follow soon, hopefully.)

He has reached the status of magician: this evening he somehow got more icky on the outside of his diaper than the inside. I'm still not sure how that happened.

The doorbell rang a few minutes ago and it was the little girl from next door and she wanted to buy some diapers from me. Really! She had fifty cents in her hand as well as a Cabbage Patch baby doll. She wanted some diapers for him/her because apparently, this is the type of doll who you can really feed and who actually "goes."

I had a doll kind of like that once - not a Cabbage Patch baby but the kind who really "went" and I swore an oath - or affirmed, I can't remember which, but I may have been ignorant at the time of the verse in James that tells us "let your yea be yea and your nay be nay" - that I would take this doll with me wherever I went in life. I think I still have that doll somewhere. Maybe. Hmmmm.

Anyway- I was tha-RILLED to be of assistance and happily, I had half a dozen small diapers of a size that Aiden has outgrown already that I had cluttering up his bookcase. I didn't know what to do with them anyway so I was glad to be rid of them! They will probably be a tad bit big on this doll, but better than nothing!

I refused remuneration.


Lori said...

Dolls that go!!! Whoo hoo!!! Hey, where do they go??

Kristi said...

Ha ha, you have quite the little neighbors!

Amy said...

I had a doll like that...she came with packets of powder you added water to which became colored gel that you then fed the baby. It was very exciting. My mom was worried about the colored gel getting everywhere so she got me a package of preemie diapers. I was so cool. :)

It's a very good thing you had a baby so you could offer this service to the neighborhood children.