Saturday, June 28, 2008

Food, glorious food! Or, Please, mama, may I have some more?

A combination of several different factors caused me to take a momentous step today: I gave Aiden his first solid food! Well, if you had seen it, I doubt the word "solid" would have been the first adjective to spring to mind. It was rice cereal... So...glop, really. He looked a little confused at first, like, "Why are you feeding me what appears to be spit-up?" But by the end, he was licking the tray for any stray smidgens. Good to the last drop! It was hilarious! Yes- I say "tray" because he had another first - he sat in the highchair for the first time today too! He seems to be quite smitten with this exciting new world of quasi-solid food and a chair to go with it. And I got it all on the videocamera...Um, unfortunately, I didn't set up the camera very well and most of the time, you just see my hand in front of his mouth. Duh. Oh well - be it ever so clumsily executed, the event was recorded for posterity.

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Su said...

I can't believe he is already old enough for solids, Claire!

p.s. He is THE cutest little guy Melody and I have ever laid eyes on!