Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update on Grampa

Well, Grampa came home from the hospital this afternoon. He's moving slower and still hard to understand, but it's getting a tad bit easier to figure out what he's saying. He may have to have surgery at some point to clear his veins ( or arteries?) of further blockage but it can wait for now, according to the doctor. Surprisingly, his doctors seem to think that Grandpa and Dad's month-long cross country trip in July is a great idea and are encouraging him to go. We'll see. We're letting the dust settle for a few days. Letting the dust settle happens around here a lot anyway.

I've got to lay in a supply of straws when I go grocery shopping tomorrow; he seemed to be having a hard time drinking from the glass at dinner, so I hope having a straw will make that a little easier.

Yes, as I have heard many an elder say, " Growing old aint for sissies." That's for sure. Too bad there's not a whole lot of training and personal preparation on how to deal with ones own failing body. Not that you'd really WANT a lot of education in that department, but the crash course most people get just seems a bit sad and cruel. Life is baffling. Wonderful, yes. But baffling at the same time. Grandpa and Aiden make happy noises at each other and the juxtaposition of the two - one who hasn't learned to talk yet, the other who is trying to remember how to talk- makes me feel something that's a bit like laughing and crying at the same time.

Thankyou for your prayers. We appreciate them.

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Shari said...

I'm praying, Claire! This makes me so sad. I know that getting old is a fact of life, but my parents are in their seventies (they're vibrant and young for their ages), and I don't want to face the future. But I know it's coming.