Monday, March 28, 2005

Farewell to the Green Hills

After all that searching for something to wear, we ended up not even going to church on Easter Sunday. Instead, we drove down to Morgan Hill and paid a visit in the early afternoon to our friends the Stamps. It turned out to be another rainy, cold day and Brad very perceptively sensed my blue mood and suggested that we go out and get some chicken for dinner. What a husband - what brilliant ideas. So, a visit to good old Colonel Sanders plus a good old Clint Eastwood war movie from Grandpa’s Incredible Movie Headquarters ( located in the Family Room) helped the day to end on a more positive note.
I finished the book I got at the Danville Library called “ Out of the Kitchen - Adventures of a Food Writer” by Jeannette Ferrary. She talks about growing up in Brooklyn in the 50’s with a limited scope of foods and a decided disinterest in cooking. “ At a very early age, I made my only truly firm career choice: cooking was the one thing I wasn’t going to do until absolutely necessary.” Funny- that’s how I felt too…so I felt like I could relate to her and I appreciated her non-elitist approach to high-food life. I think it would be fun to be a chef, really into fancy foods, but it takes so much time and dedication …and how do you find some of that stuff…? But she didn’t just write about food - she wrote about her life….somewhat of a misguided feminist, but then, we can’t all be perfect. You can get an idea of the unboringness of the book from some of the chapter titles: “ The Feast Made for Giggling”, “The Voice of the Turtlenecks”, and “ The Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow.” She talks about meeting and interviewing Julia Child and other famous foody people. She described Julia Child’s voice: “ the metallic music of her voice pitched halfway between some kind of horn and a reed instrument not yet invented.”
I’m also reading “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” but I’m FAR from finished.
So…the second lawyer visit is over, as of this morning, and now we just need to do some laundry, go grocery shopping to stock Grandpa up, and return our books and CD’s to the library. It’s been WONDERFUL to sleep in every morning. I don’t know how I’m going to adjust back to normal life -getting up at 5:41 a.m. Oooog. But it will be good to get home and back to busy-ness. Vacation is good but sometimes a lot of time on my hands can make me feel structure-less and gives me too much time to think…


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates on your trip! I'm so glad you guys got this break. I know what you mean about the empty time, however. Someday all the grass on every side will always be greenest. May it be SOON!


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