Friday, March 11, 2005

Overheard During Evening Ablutions

It seems that since we have established this blog, whenever one of us says something jokingly insulting, sarcastic, or purposely shocking - to each other or in general- the other one threatens to put it on the blog. Well, here goes. I freely admit, here and now, that I have started what may turn out to be a war of unimaginable proportions and devastating consequences. ( I just read this entire blog to Brad and he requested that I remove the part about the war because he would feel obligated to post something in reply...Hmmmm. Okay. Brad, I absolve you from any feeling of obligation.) ( Now, I just read THIS part to him and his words were, and I quote, " You are an evil girl. Oh, I have created a monster.")

Claire is brushing her teeth. Brad, standing nearby and looking at her, says, " You look like Howard Dean's wife right now." Claire makes a frothy, incensed noise. Brad swiftly continues, "...who I have always said looks very nice." Claire makes the digging shovel motion, ( indicating that Brad is trying, in vain, to extricate himself from a yawning hole of his own creation) and moves towards the sink, with a bloglike twinkle in her eye: the ultimate revenge.

I should probably stop now as it is late Friday night and I am very tired from dealing with the inexhaustible craziness of 12 girls...not to mention the silliness of my husband.

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